Beyond Good & Evil 2 Breaks Duke Nukem Forever Development Record Over 5,156 Days

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Beats Duke Nukem Forever Development Record Over 5,156 Days, GamersRD

Beyond Good & Evil 2 has apparently been a development odyssey for Ubisoft, several generations of consoles have passed and the game is still in development.

The first trailer for the game Ubisoft it was released more than 5200 days ago. As GamesIndustry’s Brendan Sinclair points out, that’s significantly longer than the 5,156 days that separated Duke Nukem Forever’s announcement in 1997 and its release in 2011.

While some Twitter users took issue with the comparison, Sinclair went on to state that it is actually accurate; the version of Duke Nukem Forever that was released was a bit different than the one that was developed in the 90s. Similarly, Beyond Good & Evil 2 will surely be a far cry from the game that Ubisoft first revealed. Both titles also saw development start and stop many times as the direction of each game changed.

It has taken so long for Ubisoft to make Beyond Good & Evil 2 a reality and the game does not currently have a release date or any sort of release window. The big question to all this would be: Would it be worth the wait? We are not talking about Rockstar Games……

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