Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been in development longer than Duke Nukem Forever – News

Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been in development longer than Duke Nukem Forever - News

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Admittedly, the topic of this post is a few days old. However, that fits quite well, as that is exactly what this is about: that some things can sometimes take (much, much) longer – as it is with Duke Nukem Forever was the case, which was repeatedly postponed for various reasons until it was finally released after about 14 years in June 2011 (and before that, of course, received a launch trailer).

At that point in time, many gamers connected Gearbox Software’s first-person shooter (tested with grade 8.5) with one thing in particular: the longest running gag in video game history. even in Guinness Book of Records the title made it: With a duration of 14 years and 43 days, Duke Nukem Forever is listed as the “video game with the longest development time”.

This entry may need to be revised. Then Brendan SinclairManaging Editor at GamesIndustry.bizrecently drew attention to the fact that himself Beyond Good & Evil 2 meanwhile longer in development than the Gearbox title. Specifically, it says in his Twitter– Posting:

From the announcement in 1997 to the release of Duke Nukem Forever in 2011, 5,156 days passed. It’s been 5,234 days since the first trailer of Beyond Good & Evil 2 was released.

at GamersGlobal we have been reporting on Beyond Good & Evil 2 since May 2009. At the time, speculation was still circulating (“Release at the end of 2011?” or “How Mirror’s Edgebut different”), until the action-adventure now more than five years ago – on the E3 2017 – was finally officially announced with a trailer.

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Since then, not too much news has come out regarding the state of development. That’s how it was on the E3 2018 For example, a cinematic video was released in December 2018, revealing a few details while the title was on the E3 2019 again could not be seen.

In our profile for the game, the “estimated release” is currently “2022” – at the moment everything indicates that this value will also have to be adjusted by the end of the year … again.