Wild Hearts: 7-minute video shows fight against monstrous boar – News

Picture by ChrisL

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October 5, 2022 – 7:35 p.m — Last updated 36 minutes ago

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After this Wild Hearts was announced about a week ago by means of a trailer and first information about the 3D action adventure was revealed, another video recently followed, this time offering around seven minutes of gameplay. In the description at YouTube it says:

From scenic meadows to lush bamboo forests, take a look at some of your hunting grounds in beautiful yet dangerous Azuma. Find out how you can use the karakuri to defeat the powerful beasts you will face in single and multiplayer, using the extraordinary weapons at your disposal.

“Karakuri” is an “ancient technology” that – in addition to your melee weapons – supports you in the form of various tools when hunting or defeating the creatures. In action you can see harpoons, aircraft, bombs or even a kind of jumping device with which you can be catapulted into battle. It goes without saying that the beasts put up fierce resistance and can destroy your devices.


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