WoW WotLK Classic: Everything must go! Honor PvP armor 30 percent cheaper!

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from Susan Brown
In WoW WotLK Classic, the first arena season is coming up and therefore the developers have decided to make honor armor from the retailers 30 percent cheaper. There were some profitable ways to get honor in the first week of WotLK Classic, but that’s not possible anymore. Because of this, honor gear prices are being reduced to be fair.

Interest in WoW WotLK Classic is through the roof and those among the Classic fans who had already played to the new max level in no time at all had a few ways available in the first week after the start of the new Classic era in which they could relatively could easily collect a chunk of honor – Keyword Wintergrasp trick. Accordingly, the heroes could easily stock up on a full set of gear, which they could shop at the vendor in exchange for honor.

The honor farm is no longer that easy to do, the Blizzard developers have made sure of that. With the hotfixes of September 30, 2022, they introduced a timer that allows you to only use the once every 30 minutes Battle of Wintergrasp to join Now, the devs of the online role-playing game don’t want to take away easily earned honor points and equipment from those who have used Wintergrasp Farm. Instead, they just make honor gear cheaper for latecomers.