Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta players have gotten out of hand in character creation

Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Players Have Gone Wild With Character Creation - GamersRD

The Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Test is giving gamers the opportunity to check out various aspects of the next game in the series.

This includes traditional gameplay elements like online matches and the training mode, as well as new additions to the series, including the character creator. The characters that people have been making and sharing online are completely out of control, deformed and horrifying looking.

There are plenty of videos on social media demonstrating the range of options available to you. This new creation of game characters is very ambitious. There are sliders for just about everything! Height, weight, bone structure, hair color, you name it. The customization is deep and with this character created, you will be able to venture into the hub world and story mode of the full game. You can also dress up your avatar in some drippy outfits by using coins and tickets to buy clothes.

You can check out some player-created characters below:

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