Intel Arc A770/A750: For the time being only one dealer for Germany

Intel Arc A770 16GB and Arc A750 8GB in the video test: What do the first Intel graphics cards do?

from Rhonda Bachman
Intel has released its most powerful graphics cards, the Intel Arc A750 and Arc A770. In Germany, however, those interested are still unlucky. Only one retailer is listed on Intel’s official website for the Arc GPUs, and they only currently have the Intel Arc A750 model available for pre-order.

On October 12th, Intel gave the go-ahead for the two most powerful graphics cards in the Arc series. Interestingly, the launch fell on the exact day that Nvidia’s competition released the next-gen Geforce RTX 4090 graphics card. In terms of performance, however, the models from Intel seem to be more in the area of ​​the Geforce RTX 3060 Ti or the RTX 3060. Anyone who is still interested in the new GPUs will find it difficult to get a chance in Germany at the moment.

Currently only one model can be pre-ordered

As can be seen from the official website for the GPU models Intel Arc A750 and Arc A770, only one dealer for the new graphics cards is currently listed in this country. Until now, the cards are officially only offered at The Intel Arc A750 8 gigabytes is listed at 349 euros, the Intel Arc A770 16 gigabytes at 419 euros. However, the tickets are not available at the moment. After all, the Arc A750 can already be pre-ordered. However, searching for the Arc A770 spits out the error message that the product is no longer in the range.

It was recently announced that Intel’s Arc series would lose significant cuts in performance without the ResizableBAR. However, the ResizableBAR is only available across the board from Ryzen 3000 and Intel’s tenth core generation. The cards also work without rBAR, but are said to lose between 20 and 30 percent of their performance.

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