New action-RPG mixes sci-fi with fantasy – The Last Oricru is playable today on Steam and PS5

New action-RPG mixes sci-fi with fantasy – The Last Oricru is playable today on Steam and PS5

The Last Oricru is a new Soulslike Action-RPG with a unique setting in a war-torn world with Sci-Fi and Fantasy elements. The developers want to score with a strong story and promise that every decision you make will influence the narrative. In order to unravel all the mysteries of the game world, you will probably have to play through the story more than once.

What is the setting of The Last Oricru? The action of the game takes place on Wardenia. The world is marked by conflict and impresses with a mixture of fantasy and science fiction elements.

Three factions are at war with each other and as a player you will find yourself caught between the front lines after waking up in some kind of escape pod with no memories. Once you’ve learned the basics of combat, you’re ready to jump into the fray.

You will soon have to decide which of the factions you want to support. It is also possible that you do not join any of these groups. Then you have to try to fend for yourself.

However, you must always keep in mind that every decision you make will affect the further course of the game. Your influence on the outcome of the story is one of the biggest features and should ensure that the replay value of the title increases.

Who is the game developed by? As the publisher of The Last Oricru, Prime Matter (via Steam) responsible, known among others for Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Check out the release trailer for The Last Oricru on YouTube here:

The Last Oricru-Release Trailer

The combat system is reminiscent of early Dark Souls titles

Is there multiplayer? The Last Oricru offers you the opportunity to explore the world of Wardenia alone or with friends. For Koop, it doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting together on the sofa or playing together online.

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You can adjust the level of difficulty to suit your skills. The developers want to appeal to hardcore fans of games like Dark Souls or Elden Ring as well as fans of RPGs who like to take things a little easier.

The game is so difficult: In addition to an exciting story, The Last Oricru also offers you numerous boss fights, puzzles and secrets. But unlike the big role models, there are no checkpoints – the game saves automatically.

The developers want to underline the importance of your decisions. You can’t just go back to the last save to choose a different dialogue option.

More about RPGs like Elden Ring or Diablo 2:

How the combat system works: Battles in The Last Oricru are reminiscent of titles like Dark Souls or Bloodborne. Swords, shields, axes, bows and arrows or staves serve as your equipment. You can also strengthen your weapons with elemental magic. If you play in co-op, the combat system allows you to create unique combinations. The better you coordinate with your opponent, the more devastating your attacks can be.

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