QuiteLola is attacked during livestream – insults on camera

QuiteLola is followed by wife on the live stream

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

“Don’t touch” – German streamer quiteLola experiences holiday horror in the USA © Twitch / quiteLola

The German streamer quiteLola wanted to make a live stream for her fans. But on the open road she was approached by a passer-by.

Los Angeles – QuiteLola actually only wanted to do a relaxed live stream on the famous Walk of Fame for her followers, but this soon turned out to be a nightmare. Because the streamer was approached by an angry woman in front of the camera on Twitch. Despite the surrounding passers-by, Tanzban’s girlfriend was insulted and pursued on the street. The reason for this was probably a misunderstanding that threatened to escalate completely.

ingame.de reveals everything about the incident in quiteLola’s live stream.

Her followers were able to follow the situation live for more than two minutes and during this time it was clear on quiteLola’s face that the streamer was visibly uncomfortable.


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