Signalis: Gameplay trailer for the upcoming survival horror from Hamburg

Signalis: Gameplay trailer for the upcoming survival horror from Hamburg

Signalis was announced more than two years ago, now the mixture of survival horror and science fiction dystopia is finally about to be released.

The title from the Hamburg developer rose-engine will be released on October 27th and the fact that the game comes from Germany is also evident in the newly released gameplay trailer. There, Signalis once again shows its scariest side and entices horror fans with its extraordinary aesthetics.

Signalis: German dystopia and dead space horror

The gameplay trailer on the official PlayStation channel is surprising simply because the English game texts are voiced in German. According to Steam, the finished game will not have a voice output, but German texts will also be mixed into the overall picture in the English game version.

Visually, Signalis also advertises with unusual ideas: The color palette of the somewhat coarse-grained horror game is kept simple and the red and black contrasts are allowed to be presented in an oblique perspective that is reminiscent of genre classics such as Resident Evil.

Because the cryptic trailer makes it difficult to tell what Signalis is actually about, here is a brief summary: In a dystopian future in which the totalitarian Eusan regime has subjugated humanity, Android Elster follows the trail of a dark secret in a strict guarded government facility. Classic survival horror fare including puzzles and inventory management awaits you in a playful way.

Digital release just before Halloween

Anyone who was inspired by the description and the gameplay trailer by Signalis can be happy: The horror from Hamburg will be released in two weeks, more precisely on October 27th and therefore appropriately shortly before Halloween.

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The PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will serve as platforms, and Signalis will also end up in Game Pass on the release day. A little more patience is needed if you want to put the title on the shelf, the physical switch and PS4 versions not appearing until February 21, 2023.