The Rings of Power: Is the Mysterious Stranger Actually a Blue Wizard?

The Rings of Power: Is the Mysterious Stranger Actually a Blue Wizard?

About the stranger in The Rings of Power there is a lot of wild speculation. Who is he? Some fans believe he is Gandalf or Sauron acts. A new fan theory now explains very credibly why the stranger could be a blue wizard.

What is a blue wizard?

We know Gandalf the Grey, Saruman the White and the Hobbit fans among you probably also know Radagast the Brown. But who is he ominous blue wizards? To do this, we have to go back a bit at this point.

The wizards in The Lord of the Rings are not ordinary people. They are Istari and belong to the Maiara powerful but den valar subordinate life form of the shapeshifters. The power of the Maiar is bound to various bodies that limit their power.

Also the Balrogs and Sauron are Maiar in origin and so likewise the five Istari, the wizards of Lord of the Rings. Besides Gandalf, Saruman and Radagast there are Pallando and Alatar, the two blue wizards.

The Rings of Power: Clues to the Blue Wizard

The stranger has obvious ones magical abilities, as they hold only the Maiar. In the series we see him growing a flower from a dead tree with the power of his magic. But the flower is a very special kind.

Comparing the flower to Tolkien’s descriptions, the flower sees it Elanor very similar. A flower originally from Valinor originated, a blessed place for the immortals, accessible only to chosen beings such as the Istari.

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Coincidentally, the stranger did too a halfling friend with the name Nori, whose real name is Elanor. Maybe not so random after all?

The blue wizards in the literary original

The blue wizards do not appear directly in the Lord of the Rings storyline. You should im eastern middle-earth discourage the residents from aligning themselves with Sauron and, at best, rebelling against him.

Also musically there are hints to the fact that the stranger is one wizard acts. The last episode on October 14th will probably tell us more about this topic with a piece of music entitled “Wise One”.

We are curious to see whether the stranger is really one blue wizard is acting, or maybe we are with it Sauron have to do? What’s your theory?