The Rings of Power: Reveals Sauron in Episode 8?


An exciting time lies behind us in Middle-earth. We have first glimpses of the events of the Second Age received, got to know new characters and experienced groundbreaking moments. Our journey in the footsteps of Rings of Power will end on Friday with the season finale for the time being.

So far, some questions of the Lord of the rings-Universe enlightened. However, the one that should be burning under the nails of most viewers is the one after the Identity of Sauron. Will Maia finally reveal himself in episode 8?

With the trailer for the final 8th episode, Amazon gives us at least a small preview, which again has a lot to offer room for speculation leaves. All four storylines, which gradually converge, are shown for the last time for the time being.

As a reminder, here are the storylines:

  1. Elves and Dwarves
  2. Southlanders and Orcs
  3. Harfeet and Meteor Man
  4. Númenor, Galadriel and Halbrand

We refer to the trailer on the series page from Amazon Prime Video. This can be found under “Extras” and is incorrectly titled “Preview of Episode 7”.

What happens to the elves and dwarves?

With the dying tree of life the end of the elves seems inevitable. Without the saving mithril the fate of the pointy ears is sealed. Will Durin III. change your mind after all and provide the valuable metal? If so, this could already be the Fall of the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm mean. Because in the depths of the mines he lurks Balrog.

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Is Númenor doomed?

Furthermore, Míriel’s ships return to Númenor from the lost Southlands. Here is apparently one civil war broke out between the faithful of the elves and the kingsmen of Pharazon. Apparently the Queen Regent interfere in the fightingbecause she says: “The way of the faithful obliges to pay tribute.”

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Is Nori becoming a threat to Meteor Man?

Nori seems to be turning into a mystic, or at least she is to be under their spell. The loyal followers of Sauron, also known as White Cloaksare still behind meteor man here. This could rush to his girlfriend’s help as he picks up an apple from the ground that the harfooter must have lost on their rescue mission. We may be expecting one emotional struggle of former friends.

Who the hell is Sauron in The Rings of Power?

“True creation requires sacrifice”. Is that the Halbrand’s voice? Suspicions are growing that Halbrand could actually be Sauron. When we see him in episode 8 along with the Elfsmith Celebrimbor see, this would be the most reliable evidence so far.

Sauron will seduce Celebrimbor and cause to forge the rings of power. This would also be the prelude to second season given, which is already in the making. Whether all of these hypotheses are true remains to be seen tomorrow. Then it goes into Tolkien’s fantasy world for the last time.