World Standards Day – for example, binary prefixes like Gibibyte (PCGH-Retro, October 14)

International standard binary prefixes.

Today is the World Day of Standards (not: Standards!) – which is celebrated annually on October 14th. Every day, PC Games Hardware takes a look back at the young but eventful history of the computer.

…1970: On the occasion of the conference in London, which was already 24 years ago on this day and at which the creation of an international organization for binding standardization was decided for the first time, the resulting ISO, International Standards Organization, will be celebrating on October 14th World Standard Day – This is based on a specific, current area every year. In 2009 it was climate protection, while in 2003 the standards for a global information society were pushed to the fore.

International standard binary prefixes.

Source: PC Games Hardware

defaulti.e is not to be confused with standardt – the way of standing or in English the art of standing.

Years ago, in October 2007, PC Games Hardware committed itself to the correct use of binary prefixes, but even years later it is still quite unique. You can find out everything you need to know about GiByte, Kibibyte and Mebibyte in PCGH 11/2007 and the PDF version of the article on most of the following DVD editions or in the relevant topic our PCGH Extreme forum.

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