5 tips and tricks to master the card game Stories of Glory in ESO High Isle


With High Isle received the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online own deck of cards. But how do you reliably play well enough to win big?

What are the Fame Stories? This means a deck of cards, the one with the chapter High Isle came into play. If you own High Isle, you can seek out avid card-smashers all over Tamriel and have a leisurely game with them. On top of that, you can also challenge your fellow players to card duels.

However, the game is quite complex and if you want to win reliably, you should heed the following tips.

Do’s and don’ts if you want to win in the glory stories

These are the basics: The basic rules of the glory stories are quickly explained: The glory stories are fundamentally about being strategically and tactically clever and building a strong deck with a clear theme. Each round, you draw cards from a central, previously created pool and try to build up the best winning strategy for you.

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This will collect a resource called Renown. If you have 40 points, you win. Alternatively, you can also bribe the so-called cartridges so that they grant you bonuses. If you manage to get all four bullets on your side, you win too.

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One more detailed description of the gameplay of the glory stories you can find here. Here are some useful tips and tricks.

Tip 1 – Collect them all

The glory stories are about building the optimal deck for your own strategy. Therefore, it is essential that you also follow a common thread and focus on the cards that you have brought into the common pool. So get “your” tickets whenever you can.

This way, on the one hand, you can ensure that your opponent doesn’t snatch them away from you, and on the other hand, you have the opportunity to pull off your unique combos. If, on the other hand, you poach the opponent’s deck, you only overload your own hand and can play combos that are less effective for you. And combos are a surefire way to dominate your opponent and ultimately win.

Tip 2 – Kill the spotters

Some played actors have the taunt trait. This means that at the end of the round you will automatically have to spend your remaining power points to attack these spotters. That’s really stupid, because only the power that’s left at the end is converted into reputation.

ESO High Isle card game

So you’re wasting an essential victory resource on mocking minion creatures, and in the worst case, that can cost you the final victory in the game. Therefore, make sure that you quickly silence the annoying shameful mouths. So pack cards in your deck that can directly kill actors and save such cards especially to kick cheeky scoffers in the dust.

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On the other hand, you can of course use this cunning tactic yourself and thus inhibit your enemy’s gain in reputation. If your opponent doesn’t know this tactic, they probably don’t have killer cards with them to kill your spotters.

Tip 3 – You can trigger Actors multiple times

Actors are powerful cards that, once played, remain in play to the bitter end. As far as this is known, actors are an important cornerstone of many a winning strategy in the card game Fame Stories.


But did you know that you can trigger the effects of the actors again in each round? If you played an actor card on a previous turn and it’s still in play on your next turn, its effects and available combos can be used again by clicking on it.

Tip 4 – Don’t bloat your deck

This tip is essential to implement a stringent strategy and win. Because in the game you have to put together your deck from the cards that you put into play beforehand.


On the other hand, if you put an oversized supply of cards in the middle of the game, it can take a long time before you get exactly the cards you need for your winning combos. Here, less is indeed more.

So only put cards in your pool that you actually use and base your selection around what you would like to play. So play a finely tuned deck and not a haphazard heap of cards.

Tip 5 – Don’t waste gold on useless cards

It’s always annoying when it’s your turn and you only have more or less useless cards lying around in the middle of the game. There is a great temptation to buy these non-starters anyway to get rid of them and hope for better supplies.

However, this is often not very clever. Because if a much better card actually follows, then there is no guarantee that you can afford it. In the worst case, you only revealed one card, which your opponent then buys with a malicious grin in his turn and snatches it away from you.

So do exactly the opposite and force your enemy to acquire the unloved cards. Then you might have the opportunity in your next turn to buy a strong card and thus dominate the game.

So much for the Tales of Glory card game tips and tricks in The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle. A final DLC will be released in the course of the year, in which a new deck about the Druid King will also appear in the game. If you want to know more about the druids, then read the article.