Apple VR glasses will incorporate iris scanning for user identification

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This week Mark Zuckerberg has presented his future virtual reality glasses Meta Quest Pro. A model that will soon be released. With them, Meta has anticipated Apple in the race to position itself in the market for high-end virtual reality glasses.

And just a couple of days later, a report has been published (in a very interested way) about some leaks that explain the new features of the future Apple glasses. Novelties that precisely the Meta Quest Pro do not incorporate. Go go….

According to a report posted today by InformationApple Virtual Reality glasses will have iris scan to authenticate payments and log in to user accounts, differing from Meta’s new Quest Pro headsets, which do not have this system.

The well-known Korean analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also made reference to the same idea a few days ago. Users of future Apple Glass will be able to identify themselves on the device by scanning their irises to log in or make payments, similar to FaceID Y Touch ID Apple current.

To achieve such eye identification, the device’s internal cameras track where users are looking. Eye-tracking also allows Apple to reduce the graphical fidelity in a user’s peripheral vision, thereby reducing the amount of processing power required for graphics on device screens. Apple’s purchase of the German startup SensoMotoric Instruments in 2017 has allowed the guys from Cupertino to develop this technology.

This report also explains that Apple’s glasses will have 14 cameras, compared to 10 for the Meta Quest Pro. In Apple’s glasses, two downward-facing cameras capture the wearer’s legs, offering another feature that Meta’s glasses don’t have.

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High-end VR glasses

As we can see, it seems that the battle to position itself in the new market for high-end VR Glasses is served. But we are talking about the high-end ones, (with a price over 1,000 Euros), since in the mid-range market (300-500 Euros) Meta has been the leader for a couple of years with its popular goal quest 2. My kid has some and I can assure you that they are wonderful….