BELLE: Anime now also available on 8 rental platforms

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Who Mamoru Hosoda’s screen spectacle BELLY missed this summer in German cinemas or is simply looking forward to seeing Beauty and the Beast again now also has the opportunity to rent the anime on a total of eight video portals.

See you again in “U” – BELLE now also for rent

Unfortunately, when an anime makes it to foreign cinemas, it often stays there far too short. That’s what happened to “BELLE”: From that June 9, 2022 the film was shown in cinemas for a few performances and was able to open a few weeks later Blu-ray and DVD be acquired.

the strictly limited Ultimate Edition face Sven in this post again in more detail.

For everyone who doesn’t want to use a physical data carrier KSM Anime now good news: The cyber fairy tale is now also available to you on eight platforms with digital loan option to disposal.

You can now rent BELLE from the following providers:

  • Amazon Prime Video Store
  • AppleTV | iTunes
  • skystore
  • max cathedrals
  • Videociety
  • Microsoft Store
  • Rakuten TV
  • chili

With Amazon Prime, for example, it looks like this in detail: For 4.99 euros can BELLE for a total 48 hours be borrowed. Do you have 30 days Time to start the video. The movie will be in HD quality and both in Japanese and German voice output offered.

That means you can enjoy Lara “Loft” Trautmann’s singing, which lends her German voice to the beauty, and Patrick Baehr as the beast.

Best read all conditions for digital lending on the platform of your choice. There you will also find instructions that describe whether and how you can cancel a title that has not started.

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Bottom line offers the rental option the cheapest and most accessible optionto admire BELLE in the living room at home. At the moment there don’t seem to be any plans to add the film to a streaming catalogue.

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