Breaking Bad: This is how the series would look like as a PS1 game!

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Aside from a mobile game released in 2019 called Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, the popular TV series around Walter White and Jesse Pinkman never received a video game adaptation for PC or consoles. More than nine years after the final, it is also rather unlikely that anything will change again. A fan of the show has therefore now launched a project that us Breaking Bad in the form of a PS1 game.

Breaking Bad meets GTA

YouTuber pot boiler presents in his video a few gameplay scenes from the fan project before. The game can certainly do with titles like GTA be compared. At the beginning we see Walter White in a chemistry class that we know from the pilot of the series. Later it continues with Jesse, who has been given the job of killing Gale. However, he is stopped by the police on the way there. Saul is also there and helps Jesse to get to his goal.

In the last few months there have always been fan projects that have presented various films, series and modern games in the PS1 look. This includes, for example Demake of Bloodborne, which is now even available as a playable version for the PC. But also titles like God of War, Elden ring or Resident Evil 4 last received a PS1 version. Check out the Breaking Bad gameplay video below.

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