Dead Space shows extensive and bloody 8-minute gameplay

Dead Space Remake will have a live broadcast on May 12, GamersRD

EA and Motive Studio they are finally offering a lot of information about the remake of DeadSpace. Earlier this month we had a gorgeous debut gameplay trailer, and an extended walkthrough of the game has also been released, as recently confirmed.

The tutorial covers the beginning of Chapter 3, which, for those who have played the original will remember, sees protagonist Isaac Clarke heading to the USG Ishimura’s control room in the engineering section to restart the ship’s engine.

With lead producer Philippe Ducharme providing commentary, the walkthrough highlights the visual improvements made to the remake with direct comparisons to the original. Improvements have been made elsewhere as well, for example the Hangar Bay is now much larger and players can freely explore the area by flying through it.

Showering also talks about the complete lack of loading times and camera cuts from dead spaceand how that helps with the design of the Ishimura, which is now a seamless, interconnected ship and allows players to travel between chapters at will, even to earlier areas.

dead space launches on January 27, 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It will cost $70 on consoles and $60 on PC. You can see their PC requirements here.

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