Elden Ring: Board game based on the fantasy epic is about to launch on Kickstarter

Elden Ring: Board game based on the fantasy epic is about to launch on Kickstarter

That the fantasy hit Elden Ring should get a board game adaptation has been clear for a few weeks. Now it is also clear when the Kickstarter campaign will start.

The British board game developer Steamforged Games announces that they can support the project from November 22 this year. While nothing concrete is known yet, the Elden Ring: The Board Game page on Kickstarter already has over 21,000 subscribers.

Elden Ring: The Board Game – Kickstarter campaign on record course

Steamforged Games’ record for a Kickstarter campaign, meanwhile, is around 31,000 followers, but it looks like the developers’ Elden Ring board game could easily break that before it even goes full steam ahead. The only solid footage we’ve seen so far is an early render of one of the miniatures from the later game: Margit, one of the fantasy RPG’s very first monster bosses, meanwhile serves as a figurehead for the project.

The reasons for the hype surrounding the Elden Ring board game are quite understandable: Steamforged Games has already delighted its fans in the past with detailed implementations of popular video games. For example, with his pilot project, the Dark Souls Board Game, which was able to bring in more than 5.4 million US dollars in advance. Since then, the company has launched 14 successful Kickstarter campaigns, generating over $22 million in advances.

It is noteworthy that the projects were primarily video game adaptations. Various licenses such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil or Devil May Cry made the leap from the screen to the dice table in the living room. With up to four players we should be able to play Elden Ring: The Board Game at the end. Steamforged Games has promised supporters of the campaign exclusive collection boxes for the release of the game.

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