Elden Ring: Mega Patch 1.07 is here & could prepare DLC

Elden Ring

Elden ring gets an extremely extensive list of changes with patch 1.07. The update really introduces a lot of small improvements and seems to prepare a DLC. This is also indicated by some mysterious finds in the data from “Elden Ring” patch 1.07.

Elden Ring: Patch 1.07 brings separate multiplayer scaling and more

That’s what it’s about: Elden Ring fans rejoice. The latest From Software game gets along Patch 1.07 one of the most extensive updates so far donated. It contains various innovations and improvements that hardly leave a stone unturned.

Separate scaling in multiplayer: From now on PvP adjustments to the game balance in terms of weapons, spells and invocations are exclusive to the PVP area, i.e. the invasions.

That means appropriate Changes to it no longer affect single player– or have co-op part and vice versa.

Almost all Ashes of War have been nerfed, various invocations are now also significantly weaker when you go into duels. In return, all normal attacks now have more posture damage, unless they are long-range weapons.

But From Software screwed also in the general balance. For example, the posture damage of two-handed weapons has been increased, great weapons, hammers and the like now do more damage.

Also with regard to Spells and invocations or weapon abilities a lot has happened. Sometimes the attack strength was turned, the targeting or the consumption.

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bug fixes Of course, the “Elden Ring” patch 1.07 brings a lot again. You can find the full patch notes here official Bandai Namco site in English.

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The Elden Ring patch 1.07 could pave the way for DLCs

Officially it is not yet certain, whether “Elden Ring” gets a DLC or even several DLCs. But the chances of that happening are not bad: So far, they have almost all From Software titles received an extension after release.

New maps? Apparently Patch 1.07 even contains indirect references to possible DLCs. At least Dataminer discovered abbreviations in the depths of the update, which on two potential new maps for Elden Ring might indicate.

Ray tracing coming? Resourceful “Elden Ring” fans have probably also discovered a reference to ray tracing in the data of patch 1.07. Support for this graphics feature may also come into play soon. However, this has not yet been officially announced.

What do you want from an Elden Ring DLC? What do you think of ray tracing? Tell us in the comments.