Elden Ring update reveals hints at DLC, ray tracing and more

Elden Ring update reveals hints at DLC, ray tracing and more

from Jonathan Harsh
Patch 1.7 for Elden Ring apparently delivers more than first appeared. Data miners found solid information about new maps and dungeons – and ray tracing integration is probably also being worked on.

It should be clear to everyone that From Software is far from finished with Elden Ring. The success of the action RPG is too great, and the studio released at least one expansion for almost all of their Soulsborne titles. Accordingly, it is not surprising that Dataminer came across some indications of new Elden Ring content in the new 1.7 update. Specifically, it is about one or more possible DLCs that could make new dungeons and unexplored areas of the intermediate lands accessible.

Patch 1.7 reveals possible DLCs for Elden Ring

The update itself does not contain any content, but seems to prepare it in the code. Among other things, names were found that appear to belong to a new dungeon and a new overworld. The so-called legacy dungeons, i.e. the areas with a more classic linear structure, have in Elden Ring a name starting with “m10”, “m11”, “m12”, etc. So far it only went up to “m19”, but with the update there is now also an “m20”, which should be a new legacy dungeon, as Zullie explains on Twitter.

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The designation “m45” is not so easy to assign, since there are apparently no maps with a number of this height. Zullie therefore speculates that it could be a new area of ​​the overworld. Another option would be a PvP arena that is outside of the previous game world. Zullie is assisted by another hacker who confirms that there are references to two maps in the Elden Ring code that are not previously in the game.

In line with this topic:

With new maps there will of course also be fresh weapons, enemies and spells. There is no concrete information on this yet, but at least the status of two books for invocations in the code has been changed from red (for deleted content) to green. A hint that the spellbooks might appear in the game soon. Last but not least, there is good news for all graphics lovers: Apparently From Software is working on an integration of ray tracing. Corresponding lines also appeared in the code for this.

Source: Twitter