Epic Games Store: Two free games with survival horror and trip to the 90s

Epic Games Store (Sonstiges) von Epic Games

Has another week already passed? Yes, and that means there are once again two new free games available on the Epic Games Store, and this time they couldn’t be more opposite.

Until October 20th on the Epic Games Store indie acts Darkwood and ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! to have for free. After that, the next two free games are already waiting in line.

Epic Games Store: In Darkwood you fight for survival

Darkwood brings an unusual perspective to the survival horror genre: the character is controlled from a bird’s-eye view, which also limits your view. This has the effect that you still have to be afraid of nasty monsters and other scary elements.

At least that’s true at night, when there are a number of dangers lurking in the dark. In order to survive, you have to search for resources in the forest during the day, make weapons and build a shelter. In the latter case, of course, a few traps also help to avert any dangers.

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Gradually you will also meet various characters in Darkwood who will let you participate in their stories. Sometimes you have to make decisions that affect the world around you.

In our test, Darkwood was able to convince us quite a bit with its horror and a few surprises.

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ToeJam & Early: Back in the Groove! brings back the 90s

The second free game in the Epic Games Store this week, however, is the complete opposite of Darkwood. Featuring ToeJam & Early: Back in the Groove! there is an adventure that could come straight from the 90’s.

Admittedly, that’s basically the case, because it’s a sequel to the ToeJam & Earl series, which made its debut on the Sega Mega Drive in 1991. In what is now the fourth part of the series, the two eponymous aliens crash-land on earth and somehow have to get their spaceship back into shape.

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To do this, you have to solve various puzzles and complete mini-games, either alone or in co-op mode, in order to finally be able to break out to the planet Funkotron. The excursion is suitably combined with a soundtrack that could easily have come from the early 90s.

What free games are there next week?

For the week of October 20th to 27th, Epic Games has already revealed the next two free games. There, interested players can prepare themselves for a modern classic: Fallout 3’s Game of the Year Edition is being given away.

In addition, there is the Evoland Legendary Edition for free, which includes the two games Evoland and Evoland 2.