FIFA 23 FGS Swap – How To Get Free Player Packs With Twitch & YouTube

FIFA 23 FGS Swap - How To Get Free Player Packs With Twitch & YouTube

FIFA 23 now offers you another way to get free packs: FGS exchange / FGS swaps. If you watch certain stream events on Twitch or YouTube, you collect FGS tokens. These can be exchanged for packs. MeinMMO shows you how this works.

What rewards are there? Like its predecessor, FIFA 23 offers “FGS Swaps”: You watch specific FIFA streams on Twitch and YouTube and receive FGS tokens that can be exchanged for packs in the game:

You must connect your EA accounts to Twitch and/or YouTube and watch specific event streams. For this you get tokens that you can use in FIFA 23 for special SBCs. These FGS SBCs can be repeated any number of times.

We show you all the details on how to participate here. If you want to grab a few tips for the power shot, watch the video:

FIFA 23: Use power shot correctly – How to score epic goals

FIFA 23: FGS Swap – Participation, Streams, Tokens

How can I participate? You need to connect your FIFA/EA account to the streaming platforms. We link the German instructions for this here:

At the start of the promotion, only events for Twitch were planned. Dates for YouTube will be announced at a later date.

FIFA 23 is making some weird bugs right now – what’s going on?

What do I have to see? Once you’ve linked your accounts, you’ll need to find specific channels on Twitch that have “drops available.” To do this, select the “Browse” tab and then “Live Channels”. Filter by “FIFA” and look at the icons below the streams.

There is currently no list of specific streamers that will definitely deliver you drops. It should be streams as part of the “EA SPORTS Cup”, in which the best FIFA players compete against each other.

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We can already list the days on which the streams are running:

  • Twitch Appointments FGS Token
    • October 17th
    • October 24th
    • October 31st
    • November 7th
    • 14th November
    • 21st November
    • November 28th
    • 05 December
    • January 16
    • January 18th
    • 21th January

More dates and the events on YouTube will be presented during the season. There should be a total of 25 FGS events and theoretically 50 tokens could be earned. In practice, however, this number is difficult to achieve.

What is there to know about the tokens? To get a token, you must watch the selected streams for at least one hour with a linked account.

You can collect one token per event on each platform – i.e. 2 per event. However, you can only have one event token in your FUT Club inventory at a time.

For example, if you got the October 17th Twitch token, you’ll need to spend it before you can get the October 17th YouTube token. You can then cancel it. If you only get one token, you can save it directly until the end of the event (probably in January).

However, EA says it can take up to 24 hours for the token to reach your FIFA account. It remains to be seen how well the “2 tokens per event” will work.

If you are looking for more information about FIFA events, take a look here: FIFA 23: Rulebreakers Event – All information and special cards