First-person shooter video features futuristic action: “The more I see of this game, the cooler I think it is”

First-person shooter video features futuristic action: "The more I see of this game, the cooler I think it is"

A video on YouTube provides a first look at the gameplay of the new first-person shooter SHRAPNEL. While one aspect of the community sees room for improvement, several players praise the clip and are excited for the upcoming game.

What kind of game is SHRAPNEL? The game is a multiplayer and first-person shooter with the possibility to create your own creations as a player: Because NFTs are part of the game mechanics and the game contains a blockchain system with which players can earn real money.

Here you can read what NFTs are and why they keep popping up in gaming.

What is SHRAPNEL about? The setting is a futuristic world where there was a catastrophic event: the asteroid “38 Sigma” collided with the moon, causing lunar meteorites to hit the earth. The since uninhabitable area of ​​the impact is known as the “Sacrifice Zone” (“The Zone”).

In this area, the mysterious material “Compound Sigma” occurs, which has special properties. The player fights against others in the zone for resources and survival.

Here is the SHRAPNEL gameplay video:

SHRAPNEL – In-Engine Gameplay

Users like the video but ask for an adjustment

What is the community saying about the gameplay trailer? Both on YouTube as well as on Twitter the video was released. Community reactions are quite similar on both platforms:

One aspect is raised by many and asked to be adjusted before release: “Looks great, but it’s so shaky I thought it was a VR game”. Another user jokes: “POV: It’s the first time you try a FPS [First-Person-Shooter] Game to gamble and your sensitivity is set way too high” (via YouTube).

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Overall, though, the video is going down quite well with people. Several praised the insight into the game and wrote comments such as: “The more I see of this game, the cooler I think it is. Really impressive work here!” on twitter or “I find it [das Video] fantastic, even more so because it’s a pre-alpha trailer. Congratulations!” (via YouTube).

This is what awaits us in SHRAPNEL

SHRAPNEL is being promoted as the first first-person shooter to embed blockchain technology in-game. In addition to combat, the game provides tools that allow players to create their own creations.

In the game you have the opportunity to craft items, weapons, skins and maps (which represent NFTs) using various tools and then sell them to other players.

This is where the blockchain system comes into play. If a player dies in combat, they lose their equipment (i.e. NFTs). Thus, every confrontation represents a risk that must be carefully considered.

The game’s community itself can help create the NFTs that can be used in the game. Therefore, the number of available items keeps growing.

There will be operator classes in the game. The player can choose from 3 different ones:

  • Assault
  • info sec
  • survivalist

Each of the three classes will have their own skills and abilities.

When will SHRAPNEL be released? No release date for the game has been announced yet. However, one finds on the website already has a roadmapwhich shows the current status of the game and the planned further steps.

SHRAPNEL is currently still in “active development” in Phase00, where it is initially a lot about establishing a community.

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What do you think of the first look at SHRAPNEL’s gameplay? Write it to us in the comments.

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