Fritz Meinecke unveils streaming deal for new series – is he turning his back on YouTube?

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Fritz Meinecke is very successful with 7 vs. Wild. Now he has brokered a deal with a major streaming service. What does this mean for YouTube?

Magdeburg – The survival professional and web video producer Fritz Meinecke is extremely successful with his YouTube show “7 vs. Wild”. The first season caused a sensation on social media last year and was also well received on Twitch by numerous streamers. For his second season, he was even able to sign stars like the well-known entertainer Knossi. But apparently Meinecke now has even bigger plans, because the Magdeburg native apparently negotiated a deal with a major streaming service.

Surname: Friedrich “Fritz” Meinecke
Born on the: May 24, 1989
Place of birth: Magdeburg
Profession: Web Video Producer
Activities: Outdoors, Survival, Lost Places and more
YouTube Subscribers 2.07 million

Fritz Meinecke: Deal with a major streaming provider

Why is? Fritz Meinecke is currently one of the most successful web video producers in the German-speaking YouTube scene. The man from Magdeburg also streams on Twitch and markets his survival show “7 vs. Wild”, which will go into the second round this November. Filming on the new season of 7 vs. Wild has just wrapped.

But apparently Meinecke still has a few other irons in the fire, because in his YouTube video from October 6th, 2022, the survival expert revealed his collaboration with Warner Bros. and the streaming provider “discovery+”. Apparently, Fritz Meinecke will have his own survival series .

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Fritz Meinecke unveils streaming deal for new series – is he turning his back on YouTube? © 2022 Warner Bros. Discovery / Google / (Montage)

What is the series about? Meinecke also remains true to himself when it comes to the content of his series. According to the official press release, the Magdeburger should travel to remote places such as the rainforest or the desert of Mauritania. At the end of his journey, Meinecke is supposed to master special challenges, each time accompanied by only one other person. The concept sounds at least partly like the idea for his YouTube show “7 vs. Wild”. The show doesn’t have an official name yet.

When does the series start? The series is scheduled to start in spring 2023 and start with the streaming provider “discovery+”, shooting is scheduled to begin in October. However, since Meinecke primarily produces his content on YouTube and Twitch, he apparently negotiated a special deal. After the show has been broadcast for the first time, the web video producer can also broadcast short excerpts from the program on his channel as a secondary exploitation. So Fritz Meinecke will definitely not turn his back on YouTube.

Fritz Meinecke: This is how the fans of the outdoor expert react to the announcement

What is the community saying? Fritz Meinecke’s fans are excited about the new series and are already looking forward to what awaits them. There is also joy in the comments that a compilation of the series will be available on YouTube.

  • Sir Dave writes: “I got a shock that you brought 7 vs. Wild to TV after all. Luckily that’s not the case! Looking forward to the compilations of the new adventure on YouTube.”
  • Evil commented: “Regardless of whether it turns out well or not, I’m happy for you that this opportunity has opened up for you and you can experience the things that you wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. I’m excited for the second season of 7 vs. Wild and then also for the new format from spring.”

When does 7 vs Wild start? But before Fritz Meinecke’s new show starts on Discovery+, fans can expect the second season of “7 vs. Wild”. The outdoor expert recently revealed when the second season will start. The fans are particularly interested in how Knossi fared in the wild. The streamer and entertainer from Baden-Baden is considered by the participants to be an absolute outsider with no knowledge of survival, which makes him particularly interesting from the viewer’s point of view.

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