Gamerbrother loses almost all players and millions of FUT coins as a result of the hack

FIFA streamer and influencer GamerBrother at his desk

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Of: Daniel Neubert

FIFA 23 is currently one of the biggest games on Twitch. Huge amounts of money flow into the accounts of the players, which apparently often calls hackers into action.

Hamburg – FIFA 23 is currently one of the most important games on the German YouTube and streaming scene. Not only Twitch stars like MontanaBlack and Trymacs are currently in FIFA fever and trying to put together the best teams in Ultimate Team mode. Some players sink an incredible amount of money into the game just to accidentally buy particularly good and legendary footballers for their own team. But one of the best-known German streamers has now suffered a severe blow of fate.

Full name Simon Schildgen
Known as GamerBrother
Subscribers on YouTube 1,200,000 (as of July 2022)
Followers on Twitch 304,274 (as of July 2022)

FIFA 23: GamerBrother has been hacked

What happened? The well-known FIFA influencer GamerBrother has been the victim of a hacker attack. An unknown person gained access to his FIFA account and was apparently able to capture a large number of FIFA coins. GamerBrother made a statement in a video on his YouTube channel.

“I was hacked into FIFA. Or rather, my FIFA account was hacked. Anyone who knows me already knows the procedure, the exact same thing has happened to me a few times now. […] It’s an absolute smash, friends. It’s really all gone. That one really wiped out my entire account.”

How valuable was GamerBrother’s account? Various streamers are currently pulling packs almost every day to win new players for their team. MontanaBlack put over €11,000 into his FIFA account until he drew an icon card. GamerBrother has also invested a lot of money in his account. The streamer speaks of a value of approx. 18 million FUT coins, according to his own statement around 10,000 euros have already flowed into his account.

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FIFA 23: GamerBrother was able to save some coins from the hacker

How did the hack come about? GamerBrother deliberately doesn’t go into detail in his video about exactly how he was hacked, so as not to inspire copycat criminals. The streamer now seems to have found out how his account was hacked and was able to save at least a small part of his coins. However, current precautions don’t seem to protect against the kind of attacks that GamerBrother faced. “It can affect anyone, it can affect every content creator, every normal person, you can’t protect yourself from it.”

FIFA 23: Twitch star loses almost all players and millions of FUT coins due to hack © youtubecom/gamerbrother / (Montage)

What’s next for GamerBrother? In his video, the streamer looks desperate. Apparently he is still finding it difficult to deal with the situation at the moment. However, it wants to contact EA’s support, even if it’s not sure if they can help it. “I don’t know what to do next, last time I didn’t get the coins back from EA.” But GamerBrother wants to keep streaming and not be discouraged. Apparently, some of his viewers have already offered him to simply continue streaming and producing video with their accounts instead. However, one thing is certain for the streamer: he doesn’t want the hack to spoil his streaming.