GTA Online: How to find all pumpkins and get big daily cash gifts

GTA Online Pumpkin

Halloween is also starting to take hold in GTA Online. And where there are events, there are also gifts and cool promotions that gangsters can pursue. This year you have to search for pumpkins on Los Santos. We’ll show you their locations and what you get for your troubles.

What are pumpkins in GTA Online? GTA’s multiplayer mode often brings cool events and promotions in summer, Halloween and Christmas that players can use to pass the time. This year, Los Santos gangsters can go on another scavenger hunt. Pumpkins have been distributed all over the map, which players collect.

Big daily cash gifts for little effort

What do you get for all pumpkins? Of course, you will also be richly rewarded for collecting the pumpkins. This includes:

  • Collect 10 Pumpkins – The Horror Pumpkin Mask + GTA$50,000 Daily Bonus
  • Every 200 pumpkins – you get a special t-shirt with pumpkins on it

Additionally, whenever you pick up each jack-o’-lantern, you’ll get either something tricky or treaty. That means you either get a cool reward like extra GTA$ or you get punished and go on a drug trip.

This is what a pumpkin looks like in-game while it’s waiting for you

Where are the pumpkins? You can find the pumpkins all over the Los Santos map. We have given you all the exact locations using the interactive map “” created.

Note, however, that all pumpkins reset daily. So you can only get 200 random sweet or sour gifts. The most important thing is the daily bonus of GTA dollars that you get when you catch 10 random pumpkins.

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If you want the t-shirt, it’s best to collect all 200 pumpkins in one day, otherwise your progress will be reset at the daily reset. Then you have to start over.

Then, once you’ve caught all the pumpkins in a day, you can catch 10 each day to get the daily GTA$50,000. If you do this by the end of the event, you’ll have amassed a pretty penny. But beware, you only have time until the event ends. After that, your perks and rewards that are still playable will disappear.

That was all the important information about the pumpkins, what do you think of such events from Rockstar? Do you think they’re cool and make GTA Online fun again? Let’s find out in the comments!