Hard ESO achievements are easy to get this weekend – get up to 3 titles

ESO - Chaos Ball Achievements

This weekend there is a mini event in the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online. This is very interesting for both PvP fans and achievement hunters. MeinMMO tells you what kind of event this is and what you can get.

What is this mini event? What is meant is the coming PvP weekend. But it’s not only interesting for PvP players! Because here is a unique opportunity for all achievement hunters to get certain achievements.

The event affects the battlegrounds in ESO. In the next few days there will only be the Chaos Ball mode. And anyone who has ever wanted to farm the associated achievements will have noticed that you rarely end up in this mode.

Cool titles of chaos and chic outfit fashions

Accordingly, outside of this event, it is also quite tedious and extremely time-consuming to get the achievements and also the associated cool titles of the “Chaos Ball” battlefield mode. These are the achievements:

  • Chaos Ball Mayhem
  • points veteran
  • The best defence
  • Chaos Guardian
  • Chaos Champion
  • Run away from the damage

And you can get these cool titles through certain achievements:

  • Chaos Guardian
  • Chaos Champion
  • Chaos Keeper

You also get a 25% bonus to Alliance Points at Battlegrounds.

Fashion fans in ESO can also get something out of the event. You have the chance to get one of the special outfit styles on each battlefield. You can only get these styles through battlegrounds:

  • Fire Dragon Outfit
  • Pit Demon Outfit
  • Stormlord Outfit

How’s your progress so far? Are you already busy or are you just getting started? You should not waste any time, because it is not known when this opportunity will next arise. This is not one of the annual events that are repeated at regular intervals.

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