Hitman 3: October update gives Agent 47 a fruity weapon

Hitman 3: Free Freelancer Mode is shifting again

Agent 47 has a variety of weapons to take down enemies in the Hitman series. The most dangerous of them? A banana, because it is inconspicuous and effective at the same time.

The developers at IO Interactive have now also realized this, which is why the popular fruit will soon be available as a permanent weapon in Hitman 3. The fruity surprise is part of the big October or Halloween update.

Hitman 3: A Banana to Fear

Ever since Hitman: Absolution, the banana has been a popular weapon among players because it combines two things: slapstick factor and it doesn’t draw attention. So you can run through the levels unmolested and place the fruit perfectly in the path of an enemy who then slips and hits his head.

So far, however, the banana had to be a level object in order for it to be usable as a weapon. Soon you will also be able to permanently add them to your loadout: On October 13th there will be a new Elusive Target in Hitman 3, with which you will then permanently unlock the banana.

“It can be thrown, it can be placed and it’s perfect as a small snack on longer missions. It’s very simple – it’s a banana,” the developers said in their blog.

October update with Halloween and Anniversary

The October update for Hitman 3 contains not only a banana, but a lot more. After all, the developers are covering both Halloween and the 20th anniversary of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

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That’s why we’ve got the following new content this month:

  • October 6th: New challenge “Brother from another Brother” which unlocks Agent 47’s suit from Hitman 2.
  • October 7th: Politician Barbara Keating returns and you must take her down, but this time she has a double with her. Your job isn’t complete until you take out the real Keating.
  • October 13th: New Arcade Elusive Targets are activated, which can be used to unlock the aforementioned banana.
  • October 13th: Landslide bonus mission will be unlocked for all players for 10 days.
  • October 20th: New challenge “Sandman”, which rewards Agent 47 with a suitable Halloween suit upon completion.
  • October 20: Feature Contracts this month relate to Halloween. Players wishing to submit their assignments can do so starting October 10th in the Hitman Forum do.
  • October 28th: ​​Miranda Jamison, a famous art connoisseur, is the new Elusive Target in Barcelona and is present for 10 days.

Incidentally, the freelancer mode announced many months ago is not part of the October update. This was recently postponed to 2023.

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