Humankind: Console version postponed indefinitely

Humankind: Console version postponed indefinitely

Humankind has been available for the PC for over a year and has already received the first DLCs. An implementation for the consoles was announced for 2022, but it is very unlikely that anything will come of it.

The developers have postponed the console version for an unknown time at short notice. There is no new date for the time being, as some problems still have to be solved.

Humankind: No new release date for consoles

“We and our partner Aspyr Media have encountered unexpected challenges porting Humankind to consoles and have to postpone the release on Playstation 4, 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S until further notice,” said the development team at Amplitude Studios Forum.

We know that the short-term decision is frustrating, but we want to offer the best possible console experience. For this reason, a new date cannot yet be given. The team would like to deliver this as soon as possible.

Until then, anyone who pre-ordered the Humankind console version will receive a refund. The achievements on the respective platforms.

Human child in the best of company

With a postponement to potentially 2023, Humankind is not alone this year. Prior to that, top-class players like Starfield or Hogwarts Legacy were postponed to next year. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, which comes from Germany, will not see the light of day this year either.

The Early Access launch of the roguelike shooter Witchfire was also recently postponed.

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