Location at MyToys on October 14th. – Another drop coming?

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Of: Noah Struthoff

MyToys finally sold the PS5 in October after a long wait. The bundle is now sold out, was that the replenishment in October?

Update from October 13, 2022, 7:50 a.m.: Unfortunately, the PS5 supply at MyToys is empty today. The odds for the rest of October for a Sony console are down sharply today as the retailer hasn’t traditionally had many drops. We follow all dealers and drops in our PS5 live ticker for you every day in real time.

Update from 10/12/2022, 11:40 a.m.: There are supplies at MyToys. A fairly expensive bundle of the disc edition is available. Here the link:

Update from 06.10.2022, 09:20 a.m.: There are supplies at MyToys. Here a bundle of PS5 and two games is offered quite expensively. We recommend that you wait for a better offer, as you will have to pay about 180 euros extra here. If you are still interested, here is the link:

Update from 06.10.2022, 09:32: MyToys last sold the PS5 at the end of August. In September, however, it was completely silent as far as fresh PS5 supplies are concerned. There’s usually at least a month between drops here, so an October sale wouldn’t be far off the mark.

In general, MyToys are currently considered to have drop chances in community circles. MyToys may also jump on the FIFA 23 bandwagon and also offer the latest official bundle from Sony around the time of the release – at least that’s the hope. You shouldn’t lose sight of this dealer completely in October.

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If you generally don’t want to miss a drop and always want to be up to date on the current supply situation for the PlayStation 5, then you should definitely take a regular look at our PS5 live ticker.

Buy PS5 at MyToys in October 2023

Update from 08/25/2022, 09:15 am: Replenishments can still be bought from MyToys. Two bundles are still available this week. However, only via app. So you have to download the free MyToys app and then open the links via the app. Here are the links:

Update from 08/25/2022, 09:15 am: MyToys has full stock on Thursday. So you can easily get hold of a PS5 console here. The bundles are sometimes displayed as sold out via the normal web browser. You need the MyToys app to buy these bundles completely safely and hassle-free. Here the links:

Update from 08/24/2022, 09:25 am: MyToys also has PS5 bundles on sale for you this Wednesday 24th August. This fits perfectly with the start of Gamescom 2022.

Buy PS5: MyToys you need to know that about the drop

Update from 08/23/2022, 2:15 p.m.: Yesterday’s three PS5 bundles are still available. So you can buy the console stress-free via the app.

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Update from 08/01/2022, 2:00 p.m: MyToys has been quiet for a while now regarding new consoles from Sony after the drop early in July. Unfortunately, when many other retailers brought supplies to the customers, things also stayed quiet here. The chances that you will still get a Sony console from MyToys this month are not really high at the moment. But the dealer has been able to surprise a few times. You shouldn’t lose sight of MyToys completely in August.

If you want to see all dealers and all drops at a glance, you should look at our live ticker for the PS5. Here you will not miss any replenishment and will receive a daily analysis of the situation.

Update from 07/11/2022, 11:02 a.m.: The Fifa bundle is currently out of stock again, but keep your eyes open at MyToys. In the last few weeks, this bundle has become available again and again after a short break. It may also appear again in July after the last sale.

If you don’t want to miss any drops and always want to be up to date on the current supply situation for the PlayStation 5, then you should definitely take a look at our PS5 live ticker regularly.

Original message from 06.07.2022: Hamburg – Sony’s PS5 is still extremely popular and sells out quickly. However, the retailer MyToys currently has an offer for the console available for a surprisingly long time, on June 6, 2022. There you will receive the console in a FIFA bundle delivered directly to your home and you can quickly start gambling. We’ll show you what’s on offer at MyToys and tell you the general console situation at the retailer.

Buy PS5: MyToys offers FIFA bundle – are there more supplies?

This offer is currently available at MyToys: For the past few days, with a few interruptions, a Horizon Disc Edition bundle has been available at MyToys along with FIFA 22. Here is the link to the shop:

What about new supplies? MyToys has repeatedly offered surprising new consoles in recent weeks. The parent company OTTO sold the PS5 similarly often in the same period. So you can count on the fact that with many drops at OTTO, there will also be new consoles at MyToys. However, there are no hints or popular drop days at the dealer.

Buy PS5: MyToys is now selling the console – you can strike here. © Sony/MyToys/Unsplash | First published on November 23, 2021

Buy PS5: price problem at MyToys – is it really worth buying here?

This is the big catch: At MyToys, the price is always the big problem. The console is available longer, but you have to dig deeper into your pocket. MyToys usually adds around 50 euros to the normal retail price. In return, you will get a console that is much less stressful and that also has a guarantee. You can also make use of the right of return.

If the price is a bit too high for you, you can check out our live ticker about buying PS5. There you will find all information about new drops around the console.