Lost Ark’s Latest Raid Tears Groups Apart – Players Mourn: “It Destroyed My Guild”

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As of September 27th, we have the latest raid in our version of Lost Ark, Kokul-Saydon. The clown has it all and knows how to beat the grin off people’s faces. So much so that he even destroyed some guilds, as reported by fans on reddit. We at MeinMMO summarize.

What kind of raid is this? Kokul-Saydon is the latest Legion Raid in our version of Lost Ark. These Legion Raids are the hardest bosses in the MMORPG. The first two, Valtan and Vykas, are already in the game and causing despair for players, but Kokul-Saydon takes it to a whole new level.

The fight against the clown is divided into three different phases that become increasingly difficult. The third and last phase in particular caused a stir in the community. Several threads on reddit complain about it.

This goes so far that not only is it claimed that the raid is too difficult, but it is also blamed for tearing apart entire guilds and groups. However, this is only partly due to its difficulty.

Why does he tear groups apart? Unlike most of the hard bosses in Lost Ark, you only play 4 against Kokul-Saydon. Against Argos, Valtan and Vykas, however, you always go into battle with 8. So that means that just building the latest raid is simply dividing existing groups.

Some fans write on reddit that it often happens that a group of 4 gets through the new raid much better than the other. The party left behind even seems to leave the game for many. Out of frustration, as one user explains on reddit (via reddit).

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You can see the new class and the new raid in the video:

Lost Ark features the Machinist class and spooky clowns in the September update trailer

“In 1.5 weeks about 60% of our players disappeared”

Why do entire guilds suffer from this? In addition to players quitting because Kokul-Saydon is just too hard for them, guilds face another problem. The people who don’t let themselves be dissuaded by the difficulty of the new raid don’t do much else.

One fan on reddit says activity in his guild has come to a virtual standstill as everyone has either left for Kokul-Saydon or is doing nothing else and is dying to beat the new raid.

Why are people leaving? Due to the fact that the clown only fights with 4 players and is still extremely difficult, absolute top gameplay is expected from every player. In the previous raids, such as Valtan or Vykas, the 8-strong squad could cope if one of the players didn’t play really well. You can’t do that with Kokul-Saydon.

A reddit thread that gets a lot of attention sums it up in a few sentences (via reddit): “Our very active and busy guild has practically become a ghost town. In about 1.5 weeks, about 60% of the players have either officially left or mentally given up and are hardly ever logging in or playing anything.

I feel like destroying groups by dividing them in two and putting a lot of focus on absolute perfection of the individual wasn’t good for the game. Even if groups of 4 bring a bit of fresh air to the MMORPG.”

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“The good players say how easy it would be and you feel like a complete loser”

What does the community say about this? In addition to the two large threads that are already linked in the text, smaller discussions keep popping up. Most of the time it’s about the 3rd stage of Kokul-Saydon and whether it’s too hard or not.

But the real problem for many are the already experienced veterans from other servers who just know how to fight (via. reddit). Nendz writes, for example: “I think the biggest problem is the really good players who show off how easy the boss is and you just feel like the biggest loser.”

He goes on to say that it made him feel completely miserable playing Lost Ark because he and his group failed to defeat the new raid in week 1. Although he managed to turn his frustration into motivation, he understands when many cannot do it.

He gets a lot of compliments for that. ModeratorKryptonite comments: “I think the biggest problem is that it makes the average player think they should be able to beat the new raid in week 1. You still have to have real skills and a bit of luck to make it. A lot of people just don’t understand that.”

Have you defeated Kokul-Saydon yet? How is it in your guild, do you notice that the new raid is here and the players are getting fewer? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO.

Incidentally, Lost Ark was also one of the 10 MMORPGs with the most players on Steam in October.

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