Mario Kart watch: This wristwatch in the Nintendo design costs 25,600 euros

Mario Kart watch: This wristwatch in the Nintendo design costs 25,600 euros

from Jonathan Harsh
Swiss watch manufacturer Tag Heuer is once again striking with a Nintendo watch at a moon price. This time the designers have zeroed in on Mario Kart and are demanding a five-digit sum from consumers for the result.

Mario Kart is a game primarily aimed at children, but this wristwatch inspired by Nintendo’s fun racer is definitely not. After all, what child has 25,600 euros in their piggy bank?! Yes, that’s exactly what the watch from the Swiss company Tag Heuer costs, which, in addition to displaying the time, offers a cute little Mario who is emblazoned on the dial in his kart. Luckily, there is another model for the smaller purse that “only” costs 4,300 euros.

How does the high price of the Mario Kart watch come about?

Both Tag Heuer Formula 1 x Mario Kart models feature a mechanical movement and a 44mm titanium case emblazoned with various decorations from the Nintendo franchise. This also applies to the bezel, i.e. the rotating circle on the front of the watch, on which a tachymeter scale and the Mario Kart lettering are shown in luminous colour. The chronometers are attached to a black calfskin strap with red lining and an embossed pattern.

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The more expensive version also has a so-called tourbillon installed, which is supposed to make the watch work even more precisely. This one features Mario in his kart, a bullet bill and the infamous blue tank. The underside is covered with sapphire glass, through which you can admire the filigree movement. This one uses 33 rubies and offers a runtime of 65 hours at full voltage (the cheaper version has 25 rubies and 42 hours of runtime).

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If these data justify the high prices, the €4,300 watch can be pre-ordered from October 17 – the release date is October 20, 2022. The €25,600 watch, on the other hand, has no launch date yet. Incidentally, this is not the first collaboration between Nintendo and Tag Heuer: last year a watch in the Mario design was presented, which in retrospect seems almost cheap at a price of 2,150 euros.

Source: day, this year