MeinMMO is now looking for a freelance author (m/f/d) in the home office

MeinMMO sucht Autor:in (m/w/d) im Home-Office für Gaming

We are now looking for support for our online editorial team and our live ticker for next-gen consoles and their availability.

Who we are: was founded in September 2013 and is now the largest site for online gaming in Germany. Our site accompanies service games that are being developed over a long period of time. Our team pursues the approach of accompanying games in depth, becoming experts in individual games and being close to the community. With up to 30 pieces of content per day, from the latest news to elaborate specials, MeinMMO reports on everything that moves online multiplayer gamers. These include fast-paced MMO shooters like Destiny 2, classic MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, and also online multiplayer innovations like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Who we are looking for: From now on we are looking for someone whose heart beats for consoles and hardware. We are looking for support for our live ticker on the availability of the PlayStation 5. Experience in online journalism is an advantage but not essential.

You are particularly familiar with consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X. You know which shop will be selling consoles next and you know the relevant Twitter accounts and Discord channels. You are also not afraid to pick up a phone and ask Amazon, MediaMarkt and Co.

Watch out: This is an advertisement for freelancers (m/f/d). It’s not a permanent position.

Your tasks

  • You are in charge of the live ticker for the availability of the PlayStation 5.
  • You search for available consoles in the usual online shops, keep an eye on Twitter and are in permanent contact with our community and take their tips.
  • You will learn how to work in our WordPress content management system and how to design articles for the web.
  • You research and interview experts and integrate this knowledge into your work.
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What is this live ticker? As is well known, it is currently difficult to purchase a PlayStation 5. There are problems in production over the pandemic, resulting in a shortage. We have had a live ticker running on MeinMMO since February 2021, which gives quick updates on the current availability.

We monitor the shops, call various retailers and take tips from the community. It often takes seconds to snag a PS5. That’s why we are now looking for more support to make the live ticker the best quality and speed.

what we offer

  • The work can be done online from the home office.
  • The ticker should be looked after by you and your future colleagues at fixed times. When exactly you work, we clarify in a personal conversation.
  • Exchange in the field of online journalism and web publishing.
  • You are part of a highly committed team that gives each other feedback and supports each other.
  • You are part of one of the three largest gaming sites in Germany (GameStar, GamePro and MeinMMO) that belong to a network.

What we expect

  • You are interested in hardware, consoles and know how online shopping works.
  • You know the common sources of information for gamers and their social networks.
  • You are resistant to stress when things get hectic. You are able to keep a cool head and are not easily thrown off course.
  • You enjoy putting yourself in the shoes of others and recognizing their needs.
  • You should be sociable in order to be able to receive information about availability via various channels
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When is the job for? From now on.

For how many hours is the job? We are looking for someone for Thursday and Friday, a total of around 10 hours per week.

What about payment? The details of the payment will be clarified together in a personal conversation. In this course, we also clarify the possible scope depending on the hourly rate.

We look forward to receiving your meaningful application to these e-mail addresses:

What should the application consist of?

  • A letter of motivation
  • your resume
  • A list of your available working hours

When is the deadline? We accept applications until October 15, 2022. Expect one to two weeks processing time after submitting your application.

Privacy: If you receive a rejection, your documents will be deleted immediately. If we see other options for applicants in our company than for the advertised position, we will get back to you.