Meta Quest Pro: VR headset for creative work


Mark Zuckerberg has the new VR headset as part of Meta Connect 2022 MetaQuest Pro presented. With us you will find out what the Mixed reality glasses has everything. So much in advance: the technology is impressive, but it also has its price.

With the Meta Quest Pro, the company is ringing in a new era of their high-end devices a. According to Zuckerberg, these should expand the spectrum of virtual reality. The entrepreneur says: “It takes what people love about Meta Quest 2 and adds a variety of new technologies to help them do more in the metaverse.”

The VR headset comes with it 37 percent more pixels than its predecessor, the MetaQuest 2therefore and is also about 75 percent more contrast. The integrated and high-resolution RGB cameras produce a sharper image for the best possible user experience.

Thanks to eye tracking facial expressions and natural facial expressions are transferred to the personal avatar in real time. A new chip also offers an order 50 percent increased continuous powerunlike Meta Quest 2.

These are the specs at a glance:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 256GB storage
  • 10 high-resolution sensors
  • eye tracking
  • Snapdragon XR2 Plus processor

Meta Quest Pro in friendly coexistence

While the Meta Quest 2 remains in the market, the Pro model is intended more for the professional use to serve. Games can also be played with the Meta Quest Pro, but the focus here is on one thing virtual workspace. Thus, the device offers “a whole new way of designing and collaborating”.

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That standalone headset comes with the Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, stylus tips and partial light blockers, as well as one charging station. This ensures that the device is always ready for use thanks to a fast-charging USB-C power supply.

However, the new VR experience will not be cheap. The Meta Quest Pro costs a whopping 1,799 euros and can already be pre-ordered. Deliveries will then begin on October 25, 2022. At least theoretically, because according to the official site the headset is not (yet) available in this country. When will this change? We will see.

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