MontanaBlack doubles $100,000 gift at online casino

MontanaBlack TrainwrecksTV 100.000 Dollar Geschenk

MontanaBlack is known for a lifestyle that many can only dream of. But even between expensive cars and 10,000 euros in FIFA packs, the streamer can still be amazed by certain sums of money.

So do they $100,000which he from Casino Streamer Get Trainwreck as a gift Has. They were promptly used by Monte in an online casino and doubled.

MontanaBlack: “It was the best day of my life”

MontanaBlack shows in his stream again and again that money problems are a foreign word for him. He’s stuck almost every day thousands of euros in FIFA packs and without batting an eyelid. When it comes to casinos too, Monte is pretty painless. on Twitter he no longer shows such streams, but privately he still seems to be active.

In one of his most recent streams, he almost casually mentions that the English-language casino streamer TrainwrecksTV told him Sent $100,000 in Bitcoin Has.

In the words of Trainwreck, “Make something out of it,” Monte took the money to the online casino and unceremoniously took it doubled.

This is the built-in hardware MontanaBlack:

Processor: AMD CPU Ryzen Threadripper 3970X
Random access memory: 128GB RAM Corsair Dominator
Graphic card: 2x NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti
Hard disk: 3x 2TB Corsair MP600
motherboard: AMD TRX40

“Train just sent me 100,000, Digga, and wrote me ‘Make something out of it’. And it was the best day of my life because I doubled it. 200K Simply for nothing, for free. Just like that, dude. And I even paid it out and didn’t lose it again.”

Who is TrainwrecksTV?

The American streamer TrainwrecksTV is known for its casino streams. Among other things, he reaps again and again harsh criticism. He and MontanaBlack have known each other for a long time. Monte was a guest on his stream and the two have been in touch ever since. Nevertheless, Monte was more than surprised by the gift to him.

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With the hype surrounding the game Among Us, Trainwreck has also seen a sharp increase in its follower count. That doesn’t make it any less controversial, however.

Early on in his career, TrainwrecksTV was repeatedly hit by Twitch sexist statements and hate speech temporarily blocked.