New action MMORPG starts with 4 classes – fans are disappointed: “Only half of the original”

New action MMORPG starts with 4 classes - fans are disappointed: "Only half of the original"

Dekaron G is a reboot of the 18-year-old action MMORPG Dekaron. Initially only for mobile devices, later also for the PC. Now the developers show the classes with which the game starts, but the fans are disappointed.

What kind of game is this? Dekaron G is said to be a remake of the 18-year-old MMORPG Dekaron. The game relies on action-packed battles and lots of colorful animations. A mobile edition of the game was released a few years ago, called Dekaron M. M stands for mobile.

Now Dekaron G is to replace the direct predecessor M and later also replace the normal Dekaron for the PC. Because G is only available for Apple and Android devices at the start, but will later also move to the PC.

Here are the core features of the MMORPG:

  • An open world divided into smaller areas, similar to Guild Wars 2 and Lost Ark
  • Action combat with colorful and pompous skill effects for the different classes
  • Free2Play with a now confirmed Play2Earn approach, which is added in G
  • PvE and PvP
  • Gameplay loop of looting, leveling and upgrading gear
  • 4 classes to start with

Which classes are there? Initially, Dekaron G will start with 4 classes. These have been stripped of their names and are now only identified by the weapon they wield. So you have the choice between the 1-hand sword, the whip, the bow and the staff.

Dekaron G starts with the same 4 classes as its direct mobile predecessor Dekaron M. But since G is also supposed to come for the PC later, some of the fans are really annoyed. Because in the normal Dekaron there are 9 classes, more than double the number.

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You can see the new trailer for the game here:

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Fans are disappointed with the class selection

Where is the problem? Of the 9 classes from the original from 18 years ago, only 4 have made it into the new Dekaron G, which is causing displeasure among some fans. Because the selected classes act as standard fare for many. There is practically a warrior, a hunter, a mage and a healer.

That bothers many, because a great attraction of the original at the time was that there were comparatively unusual classes, at least for a game from 2004. The spear magician Aloken, the martial arts giant Bagi or the one with either two swords or a staff armed summoners are completely absent, despite being considered a fan favorite.

So for some fans, Dekaron G isn’t the MMORPG they’ve been longingly waiting for. This is sometimes also due to the payment model that the new offshoot has chosen.

Play2Earn now confirmed: When the pre-registrations for Dekaron G were opened, only the integration of the blockchain was mentioned. This caused mixed feelings when the announcement was made. Now the developers have confirmed on their homepage that there should be a total of 4 currencies in the game that enable a Play2Earn concept (via

Exactly how much money can be earned with it is not clear at the moment. Only an explanation of how to earn the two currencies Incar and Nunvice in the game is currently available. However, these must then be converted into Wemix Coin and Wemix Credit before you can make money with them (via

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The rates for this are still unknown. However, this should also ensure that some fans of the original will not play the game. However, the announcement is quite recent (as of October 14th), so there has been little reaction to the feature so far.

You can see the 4 classes here:

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Mood before the launch rather depressed

How is the situation in the community? Pre-registration started on September 22nd and runs until October 16th. But the voices around Dekaron G aren’t exactly loud, and when they are, they’re usually not overwhelmed by positivity. There are certainly people who are looking forward to the MMORPG, but many are worried.

There are some comments, especially around class selection. The Play2Earn announcement is currently hardly attracting any reactions.

What are the players saying? We would like to reproduce some of the comments here directly so that you can form your own opinion. They’re straight from the class announcement trailer (via YouTube).

  • “So there are only half as many classes as in the original? How so? No summoner, no bagi, no aloken, just standard. Meh.”
  • “Wow, is that still there? I played it in 2007”
  • “No Bagi, Summoner or Aloken :(“
  • “Okay, but where’s the Aloken and the Bagi?”

Does Dekaron G sound interesting to you? Are you generally in the mood for a Play2Earn MMORPG? Or are you one of the handful of people who played Dekaron back then and are looking forward to a reboot? Do you play into the game? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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