Overwatch 2 registers more than 25 million players in 10 days

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Overwatch 2’s player count has surpassed 25 million in the first 10 days since launch, despite initial problems getting into the game.

Despite the bumpy first few days, Overwatch 2’s player count has skyrocketed since its release on October 4. Blizzard says that its free-to-play FPS game has now reached more than 25 million players, and as a gift of thanks and celebration, each of them will receive a legendary skin and weapon charm in the house.

Blizzard says the player base of Overwatch 2 is “nearly spread” across the EMEA, Americas, and Asia regions, and is experiencing roughly three times the daily player spike as the original Overwatch.

“The launch of Overwatch 2 has been a very important moment for Blizzard”says Blizzard president Mike Ybarra in a statement. “We’re thrilled to bring new players from around the world to the vibrant Overwatch universe while welcoming back the existing Blizzard community.”.

The thank you gifts are a new legendary Cursed Captain skin for Reaper and a health pack weapon charm. You can claim them by logging into Overwatch 2 from October 25 until the end of the first season of Overwatch.

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Overwatch 2 It is available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC with crossplay. You can read our review by following this link.