Prepared for everything: 5 solar generators for more independence


When traveling or in the event of a power failure, it becomes clear that we are dependent on the energy from the socket. With a solar generator, your devices will continue to run in an emergency. These models give you back a piece of independence.

What is a solar generator?

A solar generator converts the sun’s energy into electricity. It consists of a power station and at least one solar panel. The following three parts are installed in the power station:

  • battery
  • charge controller
  • inverter

The battery stores the electricity. The charge controller controls the flow of electricity from the solar panel to the battery. The inverter converts the generated direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). The generator then supplies your electrical devices with power via a socket or USB socket.

Bluetti AC200MAX: Power station for the mobile home

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Lots of connections and a long-lasting battery: The Bluetti AC200MAX.

Image: © Bluetti 2022

With the With the AC200MAX from Bluetti, you can charge almost any device you can think of, no matter where you are. This solar generator has a particularly large number of connections – 15 in total. For example, in addition to normal power plugs, you can also plug in cables with USB-A and USB-C connectors. Two wireless charging pads and a cigarette lighter socket are also available.

A LiFePo4 battery is installed inside. This stands for lithium iron phosphate and describes a type of battery that has a longer service life and improved safety compared to lithium-ion batteries. The Bluetti AC200MAX has a battery capacity of 2,048 Wh and easily withstands more than 3,500 charge cycles. With occasional use, it will last for many years.

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This solar generator provides power for devices with an output of up to 2,200 watts. With its 12V connection, you can even start your car if the car battery is empty. Unfortunately, at 28.1 kilograms, the AC200MAX is not exactly light luggage. This solar generator is therefore best suited for mobile homes.

Bluetti AC200MAX
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Leicke SnügMax: A particularly mobile solar generator

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The Leicke SnügMax is handy and has practical functions for adventurers.

Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2022

Of the With a weight of 2.1 kilograms, the Leicke SnügMax is by far the most mobile solar generator in this list. The built-in flashlight and an SOS function make it the perfect device for adventurers. If you want to go camping or spend the day outdoors with friends, this relatively inexpensive power station is sufficient.

The SnügMax has a Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 222 Wh. This lasts for at least 1,000 charging cycles. The device has six connections: 2x USB-A, 1x USB-C, 2x DC (12 V) and a socket with an output of up to 300 watts.

Leicke SnuegMax
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Jauch JES1500WHA: portable power station for camping

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You can always rely on this power station: the Jauch JES1500WHA.

Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2022

Of the Jauch’s JES1500WHA has a compact design and stands for reliability. A multi-safety protection protects the device from overheating, short circuits and other dangers. Are you looking for a device that just works? Then he is the right choice.

The Jauch solar generator weighs 22 kilograms and is therefore only partially portable despite the carrying handle. If you drive to the lake or the sea and only have to carry the device for the last few meters, that’s not a problem. Then it offers eight ports for USB-A, USB-C, DC with 12V and regular power plugs.

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This power station has a Li-Ion battery that lasts for around 1,000 charging cycles. Although it is slightly lighter than the Bluetti AC200MAX, it surpasses it in terms of battery capacity and comes in at 2,400 Wh.

Jauch solar generator
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Xtorm Xtreme Power: Strong backup

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Charged extremely quickly: You can charge the power station from Xtorm with two energy sources at the same time.

Image: © Xtorm 2022

If you go on a spontaneous trip, you often don’t have time for hours of charging. the You can connect Xtreme Power from Xtorm to two energy sources at the same time and your battery will fill up particularly quickly. The LiFePo4 battery lasts for around 2,000 charging cycles and has a capacity of 1,254 Wh.

With nine connections for five different plug types, this solar generator also covers all important devices up to an output of 1,300 watts. The Xtreme Power weighs 17 kilograms and is therefore comparatively light. A strong backup when things have to be done quickly.

Xtorm Xtreme Power
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Bluetti EP500: home solar generator

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The Bluetti EP500 will get you through the power outage.

Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2022

Of the Bluetti EP500 is an absolute powerhouse. The extremely durable LiFePo4 battery inside has a capacity of 5,100 Wh. You can also count on a service life of more than 6,000 charging cycles. That comes at a price: the EP500 is the most expensive and, at 76 kilograms, the heaviest device on this list.

This solar generator is too heavy for traveling. It is all the more suitable as a backup for power failures. With the help of a professional, you can set up the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) function of the EP500 in your home. For particularly important devices such as computers or freezers, you can use this to bridge a power failure. This is useful if you still need to back up data or want to prevent your food from defrosting.

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The EP500 supports all common plug types and offers 14 connections, including those with 12V voltage. It supplies devices with a maximum output of up to 2,000 watts. It also has two wireless charging pads and a Bluetooth/Wifi module that you can use to check the status of the device remotely via an app.

Bluetti EP500
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For all the devices presented, you also need a solar panel. When buying, pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer. Choose a panel that is compatible with your power station. A foldable or collapsible model is ideal for on the go.

solar panels
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Which devices can I charge with the solar generator and how often?

All the solar generators presented are suitable for charging your mobile phone or notebook. You can also put most household appliances into operation without any problems. However, if you are unsure about a device, check the manufacturer’s specifications to determine what type of power it requires and only plug it into compatible ports.

How often a device can be charged with your power station depends on its battery capacity. For an approximate value, divide the capacity of the solar generator by the capacity of your device. An iPhone 14, for example, has an energy consumption of 12.68 Wh. A full battery in the power station is therefore sufficient for the following number of charges:

  • Bluetti AC200MAX: 162 charges.
  • Leicke SnügMax: 18 charges.
  • Jauch JES1500WHA: 189 charges.
  • Xtorm Xtreme Power: 99 charges.
  • Bluetti EP500: 402 loads.

The best thing about the solar generator is of course: When the sun is shining, you never run out of electricity.

Summary: Which solar generator is best for me?

  • The Bluetti AC200MAX has a particularly large number of connections and is the right power station for the mobile home.
  • The Leicke SnügMax is light, inexpensive and a particularly mobile solar generator.
  • The Jauch JES1500WHA is a very safe and reliable power station.
  • The Xtorm Xtreme Power offers large battery capacity and can be charged extra quickly.
  • The Bluetti EP500 has an incredibly large battery, Bluetooth and Wifi and equips your home with UPS.