Reference to GTA 6? UFO Event in GTA Online is live

Reference to GTA 6?  UFO Event in GTA Online is live

from Michael Miskulin
In GTA Online, the previously rumored UFO event actually went live. Players can be paid for documented UFO sightings. But will the reference to GTA 6 predicted by an insider come at the end of the event?

A few days ago, a rumor circulated in the GTA community that Rockstar Games was planning to make UFOs appear in GTA Online in October. This was planned as part of a Halloween event leading up to a GTA 6 teaser or reveal. The insider gave the date for the event as Saturday, October 15th. Now the first UFO sightings have actually happened in GTA Online. Will there be a hint of GTA 6?

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UFO event started in GTA Online

The insider “Tez2” had the rumor about the UFO event and the connection with GTA 6 reported first. Now he has also announced the start of the UFO event via Twitter. There he published a fictional newspaper article from Los Santos, which addressed a UFO sighting (“Locals open fire on the sky – only a few injured”).

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Rockstar Games introduces Halloween action to GTA Online

Meanwhile, developer Rockstar Games itself published an article, in which they present their Halloween activities to the fans. In addition to the appearance of Jack O’ Lanterns and special Halloween masks, players should watch out for unidentified planes: “Keep your eyes peeled and your Snapmatic camera handy – mysterious reports of unidentified planes have locals shaking their heads. Documentary filmmakers who capturing every single sighting this month will receive a fee from a generous believer”.

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Now the question arises whether the further forecast of “Tez2” will also come true. Will there actually be a hint about GTA 6 at the end of the event? Or did the mega leak for GTA 6 throw the original plans overboard? It remains exciting. After all, eager GTA Online players can earn a little extra income during the UFO event.

Source: Reddit