Rings of Power: Finale! This happens in episode 8

Rings of Power: The three mystics face the stranger.

To paraphrase a famous rapper, “Will the real Sauron please stand up?” The question of the dark lord’s identity has hung like a shadow over Rings of Power since the first episode – and at least at the beginning of the finale it looks like evil has indeed returned to Middle-earth in the form of a meteor. Sauron, the three figures who pursued Nori and the Harfeet are convinced, is none other than the stranger who fell to earth in the recent past.

They also reveal that to him after they have finally confronted him, but they have only limited success with it

Rings of Power: The three mystics face the stranger.

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Law. The stranger may be a higher being, but he is not Sauron. Enraged by the three’s attack on his harfoot friends, the stranger finally shows his true power and makes short work of them.

For he is none other than an Istari, one of the sorcerers sent to Middle-earth to help the peoples there. The series does not yet reveal which of the five he is, but his last sentence in particular makes it very likely that he is actually Gandalf. After defeating the three pursuers, the stranger sets out with Nori to search for his constellation.

The rings are forged

So there is still one candidate left for the role of Sauron – and in fact what leaks, fan speculation and various hints of the past episodes have already suggested is true: Sauron is none other than Halbrand.

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After Galadriel takes him to the Elves and he recovers from his wounds, Halbrand discovers the problem the Elves are facing. Their light seems to be dying for good, and Gil-galad is already considering migrating all of his people west if they want to survive. But Celebrimbor wants to make one last attempt to save the elves. Halbrand advises him to turn the lump of mithril that Elrond brought from the dwarves into a ring in order to save the elves. However, Galadriel becomes suspicious after Celebrimbor tells her about the new plan.

Rings of Power: Half Rim

Rings of Power: Halbrand tries to win Galadriel over to his side.

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She confronts Halbrand and he reveals to her that he is in fact Sauron. However, he tries to convince her that he is actually one of the good guys and that they should join forces. When that doesn’t work, Sauron wants to drown her and flees back to the Southlands. Galadriel says little about her experience, but tries to convince Celebrimbor to make more than one ring. To do this, she hands him her dagger and advises him to make three rings to keep the balance. Celebrimbor sets to work and forges the three rings that will hold the power of the elves in Middle-earth.

A first season conclusion

“Alloy” ends a beautiful but mixed first season of Rings of Power. To borrow loosely from The Lord of the Rings, there’s good in the series, but… at its best, Rings of Power is almost a cinematic experience, with big scenes, a gripping soundtrack, and good actors. Even the themes that were important to Tolkien the series keeps addressing. Unfortunately, the series makers regularly get bogged down in their plots, in which they make some decisions that are, shall we say, “interesting”.

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