RTX 4090 on Ebay: Offers with up to 300 euros shipping

Geforce RTX 4090 unboxed: Raff unpacks the Founders Edition

from Rhonda Bachman
Found a low offer for one of the new Geforce RTX 4090 on Ebay? Then you should pay attention to the shipping costs again. Some sellers apparently want to lure interested parties with particularly low prices for the graphics cards, but then make money with excessive shipping costs.

Nvidia has released its latest top-of-the-line graphics card, the Geforce RTX 4090. Despite a proud recommended retail price of 1,949 euros, the new card does not seem to be available in many places. The resellers and scalpers are once again responding to the increased demand, often offering their copies on the Internet at completely exorbitant prices. On platforms like Ebay, you should now keep your eyes open even with supposedly moderate prices.

Sellers lure with often overlooked shipping costs

Shortly after the official start of sales of the Geforce RTX 4090, the first graphics cards of the model appeared on platforms such as Ebay and the classifieds counterpart. In the meantime, relatively moderate prices of 2,300 euros were asked, but tickets were also offered for prices in excess of 3,000 euros. A commercial dealer demanded even more, who wanted to bring the new RTX 4090 to prospective buyers for 4,499 euros.

The so-called moon prices can still be found on Ebay, but there are also offers that are closer to the price recommended by Nvidia. However, one should also keep one’s eyes open for such entries. Some sellers apparently want to lure interested parties with moderate prices, but then add on the shipping costs, which are usually less important.

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At the time of this news, a seller from France is offering a Geforce RTX 4090 Trinity from Zotac at a moderate price of 2,050 euros. What looks like a snapper at first glance turns out to be a sham with the shipping costs. Because a whopping 300 euros are required to send the card. Caution is also required with suppliers from abroad, because the often increased shipping costs differ drastically between the different sellers. Depending on the country, customs information is also important here.

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