Scorn is now officially available and shows chilling launch trailer

Scorn shows off a creepy creature in a new clip, GamersRD

waiting for scorn been a long time, but after an unusually long development cycle, the first-person horror adventure title from developer EbbSoftware and the publisher Kepler Interactive it’s finally around the corner. Before its imminent release, we get another look at the game in a new launch trailer.

Art style inspired by the work of artist HR Giger by Scorn, its stunning visual fidelity, and its focus on body horror have been some of its most promising elements in everything we’ve seen from the title in the lead up to release, and this new trailer continues to showcase all of that. It also offers glimpses of various haunting and atmospheric locations and quite gruesome-looking weapons and enemy types. Check it out below.

scorn It is now officially available from this October 14, for Xbox Series X / S and PC. You can see the trailer below.

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