She-Hulk: Major Character makes its MCU premiere in the show’s finale

spoiler alert

Warning, massive spoilers follow: Yesterday culminated with She-Hulk: The attorneythe youngest offshoot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his grand finale. In it there were not only all kinds of breakthroughs of the 4th wall, but of course also some guest appearances. One of them particularly stands out here.

Surprising character makes its MCU debut in She-Hulk

As is well known, a few things have happened since the beginning of the MCU series: Jennifer Walters had to deal with her new Hulk powers and this one new page with her profession as a lawyer agree. her cousin Bruce Banner was able to help her on this way at first, but after some time he disappeared and flew out with a spaceship into the vastness of space.

Now let’s jump straight into that final 9th ​​episode from “She-Hulk”: In it, Jen and her friends finally manage to the Hulk King to find out who has it in for the still inexperienced superheroine. Surprisingly, he also dives Hulk/Bruce up again to help his cousin.

After Jen broke the 4th wall and stuff changed the course of the final she and her family enjoy a leisurely meal. Suddenly Bruce appears here again and he drops a real bombshell.

He has his son Skaar brought with him, which he is now officially introducing to his family for the first time! He is played by Wil Deusner (“Star Girl”).

Who is Skaar in the Marvel Comics?

That’s right: Hulk has a son who makes his MCU debut in the She-Hulk finale. His debut in Marvel Comics’ main universe he celebrated in 2008 on the sides of World War Hulk series. In it, it was revealed that Hulk during his time on the planet Sakaarthe world on which the Hulk was in the MCU during Thor: Day of Decision lived with an alien named caiera fathered a child.

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Hulk and his son Skaar in She-Hulk: The Lawyer © Marvel Studios/Disney

In the comics, Skaar became after the fall of his homeworld raised by monstersbecause he didn’t know his parents. He was later sent to Earth to work there to fight against his father. After realizing that Bruce/Hulk has a good nature, that plan changed and the two teamed up. In the MCU both appear no problems with each other to have.

Skaar possesses powers similar to those of the Hulk: He is superhumanly strong, fast and enduring. In addition, he owns one strong self-healing factor and can thus recover quickly from significant wounds. Furthermore, he also has the powers of his mother inherited that give him control over tectonic energies. So he can Control soil and stones.

Skaar was initially more of a villain in the comic book © Marvel Comics

In the comics, Skaar also joined various groups. These included, for example the Dark Avengers, the Thunderboltswho will soon be getting their first MCU feature film, and the runaways. The latter are a team of junior superheroes. What awaits the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, only time will tell.