Star Trek – Resurgence: Space Adventures postponed to April 2023 – News

Star Trek - Resurgence: Space Adventures postponed to April 2023 - News

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The release period of the story adventure Star Trek – Resurgence, which is currently being developed by former Telltale Games employees, among others, has been pushed back from 2022 to April 2023. in one tweet Studio Dramatic Labs came forward and stated:

Production has progressed steadily throughout the summer, but we have made the difficult decision to push our planned release date to 2022 in order to put the finishing touches on the game and create a truly immersive Star Trek experience. We plan to release the game in April 2023 for PC, Playstation and Xbox.

Star Trek – Resurgence focuses on its story and is set to take place shortly after the events of Star Trek-The Next Generation to play. As first officer Jara Rydek and engineer ensign Carter Diaz, you investigate the background of an approaching war between two alien civilizations. In addition to the gameplay elements known from Telltale games such as making decisions, building relationships and exploring, other mechanics should also loosen up the gaming experience. This includes loud Game home page “Shuttle Piloting, Phaser Combat, Tricorder Scanning, Stealth, and Microgame Mechanics”.

As a small consolation, Dramatic Labs has released new screenshots, which you can check out in our gallery.

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