Starfield: Todd Howard over 250,000 lines of dialogue and more – News

Starfield: Todd Howard over 250,000 lines of dialogue and more - News

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In a new video, Game Director answers Todd Howard submitted questions about the sci-fi role-playing game that will be released in 2023 Starfield. Howard explains in it that the playful inspirations of Starfield include the 1984 space game Sundog – Frozen Legacy as well as the pen and paper game traveller with its hard SF setting.

Starfield wouldn’t necessarily call Howard hard science fiction, as too much realism in space travel ultimately results in players dying quickly in the far reaches of space. So Howard has dealt a lot with theoretical explanations for the gravitational drives that enable large journeys in space in Starfield, but playfully they have decided against the fact that you can run out of fuel in the middle of the way from one planet to the other and you so be snatched from the river.

It was already known that when you create your character in Starfield you choose three properties, some of which balance their advantage with a disadvantage, for example you can get value bonuses in space, but there is a penalty on planets. However, as Howard explains, there will be opportunities in the form of activities or quests that will reward you with getting rid of one of your negative traits.

Regarding the dialogue, Howard stated that there are currently over 250,000 lines of dialogue in the Starfield. At this point, a bar chart appears in the video, according to which Skyrim 60,000 lines and Fallout 4 110,000 lines of dialogue would possess. There was also a brief insight into the belief system. If you want to persuade a character, this doesn’t seem to be solved with a skill check for a certain answer, but you collect points over several answers on your part in the conversation.

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More question-and-answer videos are to follow in the future under the title Constellation Questions.