Supporter podcast – The Nate Files episode 13: dry bones

Supporter podcast - The Nate Files episode 13: dry bones

A thousand apologies, friends, for the gap in your Nate Files timeline. Unfortunately, while on a deep sea dive to retrieve the tapes of episodes 13 and 14 (an expedition funded by supporters; your generosity is always appreciated), my ship was attacked by a large and unusually toothsome whale-like creature. The cursed thing took a huge bite out of the side of our noble vessel, The Squiggled Egg, and we were forced to abandon ship. It was only by the grace of the botswain Hughbert Threads that I’m alive to write this post today, as the man gave his life beating back the foul beast, giving a large part of the rest of the crew time to get away. Alas, in the confusion, I only secured episode 14, and episode 13 is now lost to time. That is definitely what happened, and not that the digital recording got mangled somehow.

Still, episode 14 (which is now episode 13, even though I say 14 in the recording) is here now for you to enjoy. It’s all about bad and obsolete palaeontology – the weird ways people in history interpreted fossils, and why.

Music is by Jack de Quidt (edited by Colm Ahern to make it sound like what I imagine Nate hears while listening to the podcast inside a giant aquarium).

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