Tell me: Which end boss do you like best in WotLK Classic?

Tell me: Which end boss do you like best in WotLK Classic?

With a total of 9 raids, Wrath of the Lich King provides a huge selection of bosses that you can now gradually defeat in WoW Classic. MeinMMO wants to know from you: Which final boss did you actually like the most?

Shortly after the release of WotLK Classic, the first 3 raids were opened: Naxxramas, the Obsidian Sanctum and the Eye of Eternity. You can already defeat over 15 bosses in it and grab tons of strong and special loot.

However, it only took an hour for the first guild to master all the new raids in one go. WotLK Classic will be adding more raids in the coming phases, including:

  • Ulduar, which was the first to introduce “Hard Modes”.
  • the Trial of the Crusader, in which Alliance and Horde get slightly different bosses
  • the famous Icecrown Citadel with its harder, heroic mode

Arthas, the Lich King, in particular, is still considered the best main villain in Warcraft ever. You can smack him on the head in Icecrown Citadel and finally bring the glorious story of Warcraft 3 (again) to an end.

You meet the Lich King in person for the first time in his current form at the Wrathgate. Here the legendary cinematic for some goosebumps to get you in the mood:

WOW WotLK Classic: The Wrath Gate

In our poll, you can vote for which of the raids you think has the coolest final boss – or which fight you simply found the best. You can choose the final boss of each raid with two exceptions:

  • We left out Archavon’s Chamber because of its special requirements and structure
  • for Ulduar, we listed both Yogg-Saron and the optional boss Algalon
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Have fun voting!

Do you still have to prepare for the raids? In our guide you will find tips for activities once you have reached level 80.

Which boss did you choose and why? Are you looking forward to fighting your favorite boss again or don’t you play WotLK Classic at all? Leave us a comment!

If you now feel like going back to Northrend, go ahead. It’s not too late yet:

Now is the perfect time to get started with WotLK Classic