That’s what the new advertising subscription at Netflix costs

That's what the new advertising subscription at Netflix costs

from Tanya Barth
Finally certainty! Netflix introduces the new subscription model with advertising. We have summarized the most important findings regarding the start date, price and reduced functions for you.

A few months ago, we reported that Netflix executives are planning to introduce a new subscription service with advertising. The reasons for this are manifold. Unlike before, Netflix is ​​no longer the top dog in the streaming market. The competition among the providers of films and series has grown every year and the US streaming service has seen falling subscription numbers in recent years.

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The new advertising subscription will not start at the beginning of 2023, but already on November 3, 2022. The offer will initially be introduced in a few selected countries. As far as the new subscription model is concerned, nothing is set in stone yet. Those responsible for Netflix first want to collect customer feedback before launching it worldwide.

All important information about the new advertising subscription

They announced last night Netflix executives on Twitter the important details about the advertising subscription. We have summarized all the important information for you in a nutshell and tell you what the new Neflix advertising subscription looks like:

  • In addition to the previous subscription options, Netflix is ​​introducing a new subscription tier with advertising. This new one promotional subscription falls with 4.99 euros much cheaper than the “normal” subscription without advertising. On average, you will have to reckon with four to five minutes of advertising. Initially, Netflix will play 15-30 second commercials before and during the movies and series.
  • If you opt for this subscription option, you will have to accept further disadvantages. For example, the entire range of Netflix films and series is not available to you. It is currently unclear which content is not available in this subscription.
  • Another point is that the advertising subscription does not offer a download function. So you won’t be able to just download the content to watch later without an internet connection. This is important information for Neflix fans who prefer to watch the movies and series offline on the go.
  • But there is also good news for all Netflix customers: both the basic subscription with advertising and the existing basic subscription will offer HD quality in the future. So far, you only get the SD resolution for 7.99 euros.
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