There are heroes in Overwatch 2 that are difficult with the controller – but these 12 play really well

There are heroes in Overwatch 2 that are difficult with the controller - but these 12 play really well

Overwatch 2 offers crossplay and can be played on PC as well as the current Xbox and PlayStation consoles. This gives OW2 extensive controller support, but not all heroes in the game are well-suited to the controller. We show you which heroes rock on MeinMMO.

The heroes in Overwatch 2 are sometimes very different. There’s the Call of Duty hero Soldier: 76, which boasts straightforward shooter gameplay. But also people like Hanzo, who rampages through the lobbies with bow and arrow.

These big gameplay differences make Overwatch 2 so special. But through crossplay and the support of mouse & keyboard as well as controllers, the heroes can not only be divided into their roles – there are also those who play better with mouse & keyboard or with controllers.

MeinMMO lists which heroes work really well with the controller and which ones you should rather keep your trigger fingers off of:

A heroine more suited to mouse and keyboard is OW2’s release heroine: Kiriko. We embed your gameplay trailer here:

Overwatch 2 Kiriko New Hero gameplay trailer

More about the author: Maik has been an Overwatch player from the very beginning and knows the classic heroes as a controller player very well. With Overwatch 2 he switched in 3 ways: from console to PC, from tank to damage and from controller to mouse.

However, Maik has been playing controllers for ages. Knows the advantages and disadvantages compared to mouse & keyboard and can show you which heroes play really well with the controller – and which don’t.

Overwatch 2: Controller Heroes – Tank

With the tanks, the differences are not that big. Many heroes can also be played here with a controller. 4 we would like to recommend you separately.

Reinhard has an awesome controller weapon: a hammer. And its abilities are easy to use too. Accurately utilizing the horizontal line of sight when using his shield gives you an advantage over a Mouse Reinhard in some situations.

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The Tank Sigma’s primary weapon is two slow-moving, exploding bullets. They can be operated excellently with the controller – this also applies to its capabilities.

The Woman with the Mech offers an infinite magazine of highly scattering projectiles. Whether you fire with the mouse or the controller roughly in the direction of the opponent makes little difference. Her “booster” ability, which lets you fly a bit, is really strong with a controller. With a little practice, the controller helps you to perform elegant flight manoeuvres.

The weapon-wielding monkey has an electric gun that deals damage in a cone in front of you. Accurate aiming is often secondary here, your movements are crucial and this is where the controller is a strong choice. His charged secondary shot requires aimed hits. But since you can determine the moment of firing yourself (unlike Zenyatta, for example), the shot is still easy to control.

Here are a few basic tips to help you get more wins:

5 Overwatch 2 beginner tips that will help you win more easily

Overwatch 2: Controller Heroes – Damage

  • reapers
  • Junkrat
  • Pharaoh
  • sojourn

The DPS role has the most heroes you should avoid. Precise hits and a precise tracking of the opponent’s movements are often necessary. Mouse and keyboard usually have an advantage here.

Reaper is a nasty shotgun guy who gets up close and personal with his opponents. It’s all about mobility and timing – sensing the right moment to take enemies by surprise. This can be done excellently with the controller.

The slightly crazy black powder fan shoots exploding bullets, throws mines and nasty traps. Good prerequisites for controllers. In addition, the mines allow breakneck movement actions if you use them to throw yourself through the area. It takes practice, but good movement control with a controller allows real flights of fancy.

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The flying damage heroine requires a very active playstyle from you. With the right timing you stay in the air and shoot the 2nd row of opponents out of the picture with your rockets. A controller is really worth it here, because you almost always press one button more than with other heroes to stay in the air. This is much more convenient with a controller.

Of the “Hitscan” heroes, Sojourn is the only one we recommend for the controller. Only a few heroes offer projectiles that hit immediately after firing (hitscan), which is strong against very mobile heroes like Pharah or Merci. The advantage of Sojourn: A high rate of fire and absolutely no recoil on the primary weapon. In addition, you slow down opponents with an ability and can catch them better.

Here are a few tips from supports on how to fill the damage role more effectively:

Players Say Support Is “The Hardest Role” In Overwatch 2 – Share Valuable Tips For More Wins

Overwatch 2: Controller Heroes Support

In the support role, the proportion of heroes for controllers is again larger than in the damage role. We show you the ones with which the controller performs best:

The floating buff and healing station relies on good movement. Her hover abilities and healing beam are very easy to control with the controller. However, her second weapon is more for the mouse – Battle Mercy is not that strong with the controller.

The sassy speedster uses wall jumps for nimble maneuvers and stays in constant motion – a powerful controller healer. His primary weapon fires slow pulses, demanding your ability to anticipate actions rather than hitting the forehead with pinpoint accuracy.

Moira’s supernatural powers are unlike some other heroes’ projectile weapons. The approximate direction is enough for effective healing and damage to the opponent. With her strong escape ability, you are always ready to jump out of the danger zone with a skillful controller maneuver.

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Brigitte does without a ranged weapon and, like Reinhard, is considered a top hero for controllers. A firm grip and the right feeling for a push are crucial for Brigitte. The controller doesn’t help with timing, but it can definitely bring advantages when it comes to control and hits.

Overwatch 2: Controller Heroes – Not a good choice

There are a few heroes in each role that we don’t recommend playing with the controller. That’s largely because these heroes are harder to land hits on.

  • No controller heroes
    • Orisa
    • zarya
    • Ashe
    • Cassidy
    • Genji
    • widowmaker
    • tracers
    • soldier 76
    • Ana
    • Kiriko
    • Zenyatta
Aim assist with controller: Aiming in high mobility shooters is more difficult with the controller than with the mouse. To compensate for this, developers build in aim assists. An important element for games with crossplay.

For example, target sensitivity is automatically reduced when you have an enemy in your crosshairs. Or the crosshair follows the enemy a little when you turn.

However, players are reporting after the release of Overwatch 2 that controller aim assist is disabled in crossplay lobbies. Without aim assist, it takes a lot more training to keep your sights on the enemy.

Therefore, it is better to choose a controller hero if you are traveling with crossplay.

The presented lists are recommendations based on subjective experiences. Everyone perceives the heroes differently, develops their own strategy and possibly also plays a Soldier: 76 at the highest level with the controller.

Try it out, pay attention to the abilities of the heroes and find your own style of play. Leave us a comment on which heroes you prefer with a controller or with a mouse and keyboard and why. We would be happy to discuss our selection with you.

If you are looking for more recommendations for strong heroes, take a look at our tier list: Overwatch 2: Tier List – The best DPS, tank and support heroes