There’s now a completely insane Mario Kart watch for $25,600

This is what the two versions of the Mario Kart watches look like: one more expensive than the other.

This is what the two versions of the Mario Kart watches look like: one more expensive than the other.

If you’re the kind of Mario Kart 8 DELUXE fan who’s worried about paying your utility bills this winter, then these watches are definitely not for you. On the other hand, were you able to increase your profits again and don’t know what to do with all the money? We have something for you.

Rolex and Audemars Piguet were yesterday! Put down that champagne glass, straighten your monocle, put down that cigar, and wipe the caviar from the corner of your mouth: you can now order a Mario Kart watch for $25,600.

It doesn’t get any more exclusive: This Mario Kart watch costs $25,600

Day, this year has two new wristwatches on offer. Or rather: Two chronographs, one in the Limited Edition and one in the Tourbillon Limited Edition. Said to be “daring and peppy,” it has a polished stainless steel or titanium case, a ceramic bezel (whatever that might be), a 400 km/h(??) tachymeter scale with Mario Kart logo, and a calfskin strap.

There are also various embossed patterns, movable Mario Kart elements, the “skeletonized Tri-Compax dial”, and of course a sapphire crystal back – but that’s probably the least. Ah yes, the time can even be read with the thing. But hardly anyone will buy this expensive piece of jewelry for that.

The two clocks look like this:

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To be honest, we don’t really know who the target group should be for this either. Super-expensive, elegantly trimmed wristwatches don’t really go together with the childish fun design of Mario Kart. Most fans probably don’t have the necessary pocket money either – anyway, the dear little ones only make scratches in the expensive thing.

But maybe you’ve been wanting to do something good for your inner child for many years and have been saving since the good old SNES days. Then maybe it’s time to finally ditch the colorful Flic-Flac watch and put one of the classy TAG Heuer timepieces on your wrist. If you’re worth it, of course. Definitely goes well with the insanely expensive Gold PS5.

How beautiful do you think the clocks are? Who do you think should buy this?